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Frederick douglass question - Coursework Example

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1. Why is Douglass first whipped by Mr. Covey? Describe the scene. The Whipping came when Dogulass had a change of master in form of Mr. Covey who sent him to the woods for cutting wood; he was provided the company and assistance of the oxen. Being totally new and novice to this concept and field, he knew little how to handle them, and the oxen would go out of his hand on occasions…
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Frederick douglass question
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"Frederick douglass question"

Download file to see previous pages Covey. 2. Why does Mr. Covey buy the slave Caroline? Mr. Covey showed interest in buying the slave Caroline, because she provided him exactly what he was looking for- a breeder. She had already borne a child, she was healthy, she was strong and she was able to work. He seemed to be pleased by the purchase of this slave and it rejoiced his mood in those particular days. His pleasure got double profound when the slave bore twins as a result of the one year capacity and mastering by Mr. Covey. Mr. Covey wanted kids, and this woman gave him just what he had desired for, thereby his purchase turned out well and this was the sole reason behind her purchase. 3. What are the first six months of Douglass’ stay with Mr. Covey like? The first Six months of Douglass with Mr. Covey were unprecedented one. He was made to suffer all kinds, he suffered physically, mentally and psychologically, he was being targeted and brutalized in every aspect possible. It was the time which at once forced him thinking of bringing an end to the entire suffering, by first taking Mr. Covey’s life and then his own, however it was hope that kept him from this madness. Yet these days saw no relief with mere exceptions on Sundays. Apart from it, days, nights, seasons, cold, hot sensation, he knew nothing of them, for he had to work, and live in the dire situations as it was the only option at hand. He was mentally and physically broke, and these six months got the toll out of him in the worse possible way. It can be said that those six months were the most difficult ones for Douglass during his entire episode of stay with Mr. Covey(Trotman, 2011). 4. Douglass talks to the boats on the Chesapeake Bay. What kinds of things does he say to them? Why does he envy the boats? Douglass is engaged in a soliloquizing conversation with the boats that are around, he envies them for they are free, he expresses his heart by narrating that u have liberty to move where ever u may, yet I am chained, you get to taste different places, yet I am chained, both mentally and physically. He expresses his sorrow, and the truth state he is in, he expresses what he is going through, what he wishes for, being a free man, being able to swim, being able to fly, being able to walk free and disappear from the sight and visible eyes. He compares the two by presenting the differences such as being free and being caged. He talks to it, and tells it of how he would want to escape, how he may take up the plan, he expresses his deep feeling, and then to console his heart, knowing that there is little hope, he tells the boats that he is not the only one being the slave, thereby he should live with it 5. Douglass spends several days avoiding Mr. Covey. What happens? Douglass always wanted an end to the suffering, the humiliation, the torture, in bid to avail that he spent few days and made some effort avoiding Mr. Covey. For this purpose he decides to lodge a complaint against him at St. Michaels. He had to walk the difficult seven miles for it, and the entire journey was another difficult part of the overall suffering filled tale where he got no supper, no breakfast and covered the distance limping and covered in blood after being beaten by Mr. Covey earlier. However his endeavor comes to a fail as he is being told that Mr. Covey is the right man and Douglass should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Frederick Douglass Question Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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Frederick Douglass
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