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A firm believer in the rights of man, Jefferson was alarmed by the fact that the constriction so gallantly endorsed the necessity for the formation of the confederation and…
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Download file to see previous pages He termed the use of such secrecy as an abominable precedent. He also thought that rebellions among the citizens were a normal medicine to the political organic body of the new.
The bill of rights introduced into the constitutional processes the safeguards and defenses of the rights of the individuals which were more critical to the stability of the confederation. When the bill of rights was introduced, Jefferson believed that the nation would then safeguard individual liberties in a more concrete manner (Nash & Graves 120). When the Bill of Rights was introduced, the ordinary citizens were adequately represented and their rights defended along constitutional lines. Moreover, the laws made it possible for popular participation of the citizens which had the effect of easing some of the tensions and civil unrest or protests.
Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had differences regarding the nature of the confederation in a constitutional sense. However, the question of political parties also pitted the leaders in philosophical differences. Jefferson believed in a weaker central government and stronger and autonomous states. This was contrary to Hamiltonian convictions. As a very prominent and influential secretary of the treasury, always insisted in the strengthening of the federal government and made a lot of financial programs of taxation to modernize the state. Hamilton insisted in some interpretations of the constitution to favor greater federal controls which Jefferson detested. These included the creation of a National, Federal Bank and several taxation laws. Their differences emerged principally on Jefferson’s consideration that the Federal government needed not tax the ordinary citizens too much.
d. As president, Jefferson drew back from his weak central government philosophy to engage in some actions that outraged even the Federalists. Discuss some of those actions and the Jeffersonian rationale behind them.
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