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Multiple (Choose one of the 3 below ) - Term Paper Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: American Reconstruction Era American reconstruction era falls under the period between the years 1865-1878. Historians would prefer to extend this range of years into 1861, prior to inception of reconstruction ideologies, and up to 1878, when strategies after reconstruction had taken effect within the American society…
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Multiple (Choose one of the 3 below )
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"Multiple (Choose one of the 3 below )"

Download file to see previous pages Americans wanted to overhaul former systems used in forming social frameworks in previous years prior to the Lincoln’s era. Changes after reconstruction had so much pronounced effects that the current US politician and social structures are attributed to efforts committed to ensure change at that period. As an illustration to changes derived from the reconstruction era, the US congress remains with a vested power of impeaching an incumbent president in office even today. Basically, assassination of Abraham Lincoln and attempts on impeachment of President Johnson remains as the chief historical landmarks in the reconstruction period. In the process of its development, the US reconstruction era took a multi-facet approach in addressing issues of the aggrieved parties at that time. One approach employed to achieve change during this period focus on general changes achieved immediately after the American civil war from 1861-8165. The civil war marked profound struggles between the south and the north regions of the country. Reconstruction majorly dwells on state of southern states, since consequences of the civil war became more practical within the region as compared to the northern states. Immediately after the war, numerous civil and military changes took place in restructuring inherent systems of governance1. In this case, reconstruction era entails detailed study of changes and developments within the 12-year period after the civil war. The second facet focuses on administrative and social transformations that took place within America’s southern states under the federal leadership of Lincoln and Johnson. Like any other historical struggle in American heritage, reconstruction period had its own motivating factors during planning and execution of its strategies. These motives derives its roots from ideological concepts adopted during the civil war are. The main cause of civil war traces its roots to political and social difference in opinions between republicans at the south and democrats at the northern states. As a result of the difference in philosophical inclinations, southern states forces under the name radical republicans stages a systematic attack on the northern states. In return, northern democrats counteracted southern efforts through appropriate military measures2. Upon termination of the war period, radical republican ideologies still remained dominant within the southern citizens. In this context, various democrat led institutions wanted to impose proper governance and social systems into the south. On the other hand, southern radicals were determined in frustrating efforts committed by their northern counterparts. Main objectives of the era included a desire to achieve an equal society with minimal effects of slavery philosophies. Prior to the civil war period, African Americans lived under harsh conditions as slaver for the white insurgents in southern states. After the civil war, white insurgency wanted to maintain this slave-master status quo in order to sustain economic and social classes in their societies. These ideologies were met by stiff opposition from northern states, who though the post civil war period was supposed to reconstruct social structures in a positive manner. In this regard, reconstruction ushered in adoption of civil rights ideologies and suppression of insurgence power in southern state ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Multiple (Choose One of the 3 below ) Term Paper.
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