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German and French Fascism between 1870 and 1939 - Essay Example

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Fascism is the political attitude that gave full interest in social, economic and military power. Fascism mainly rejected the idea of capitalism and socialism while its members were dictators characterized by police surveillance and terrorism…
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German and French Fascism between 1870 and 1939
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"German and French Fascism between 1870 and 1939"

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Social unrest between the opposed classes increase and terminates a social revolution. Marx despised ethical dissertation and constantly opposed moralistic involvements in the political and social issues. Marxism proclaimed that Communists did not preach morality at all. Marx did not show any interest in discussions on how people ought to act in a morally defensible way. He argued that capitalism had destroyed morality and turned it into a real lie. Attempts to develop socialistic ideas on moral precepts were considered as being distractions from the significance of confronting the fundamental causes of social misery in the course of material production. Marx opposed the commodification of labor and held that it rendered the worker economical and political powerless.

Marxism on the other hand is based on a philosophical viewpoint called dialectical materialism. This precept holds that the history of humans is the story of class warfare. The society in this case is seen to struggle through different development stages. At each stage of development, the proletariat gains some more freedom that brings them closer to their goal of proletarian revolution. According to the maxims, there is no principle that supports the history of the materialistic, there is no God.The believe that religion is false is hereby considered to be a bourgeoisie tool which attempts to prevent the communist revolution. In the German revolution, the ruling class opposed the precepts of maxims. The struggle of the people to move to a state of freedom is considered to have been a real struggle. However, Marx still pushed on with his ideologies for the establishment of a revolutionized community. Trotsky who addressed the Germany communist Party to stop Fascism seconds the analysis. His aim was that they break not the Comintern itself but the Comintern policy5. Germany revolution ends, due in large part to some democratic parties6. Some of the parties during this revolution belonged to the old second international. Prior to the war, the social democratic party had never held power but only remained in the opposition and therefore supported the war. The statement executes Karl Rosa Luxemburg. In January 1923, the French administrations send troops to occupy the Ruhr. Unrests soar while the working class takeoffs massive strikes and wiping out the savings of the middle class. Some parties labeled themselves ‘Marxist’ while forty-five percent of the total voters supported them. Some ultra-rights movements grew and emphasized on the Marxism ideology of unity of the international working class. Hitler was very hostile to this ideology of Marxism due to its emphasis on the unity of the global working class instead of on racial solidarity7. The plan to defend Belgium was aimed at making a stand at a line of forts between the league and the Antwerp cities. The British armies found them under attack on May 13 since they had been unaware that the Germany paratrooper units had already captured their forts. The offensive of Germany to the south unexpectedly emerged from Ardennes forests at the second time. During the following few days, the main allied armies were trapped between the German forces and were therefore unable to protect either Paris or stop the Germans from entering to the English channel8. The German troops to the south went on between the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(German and French Fascism Between 1870 and 1939 Essay)
German and French Fascism Between 1870 and 1939 Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1474738-german-and-french-fascism-between-1870-and-1939.
“German and French Fascism Between 1870 and 1939 Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1474738-german-and-french-fascism-between-1870-and-1939.
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