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Should the U.S. arm the rebels in Syria? Abstract: While the citizens of every country have the right to choose their elected members, they have all the right and freedom to have their own elected members, and they may follow whatever path they desire, yet it is no permissible in any case for any foreign invaders to dictate terms and change the course of government in any country…
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Discuss with me after reviewing the attachments
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"Discuss with me after reviewing the attachments"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction: Syria is part of that region that has seen a revolution of its kind which has engulfed the entire region and has taken every area by storm. This revolution has come in form of Arab Spring. Starting off with self immolation of an individual and a twenty six year old citizen of Tunis, it has never looked back since then and now the revolution has its eyes on Yemen, Bahrain. The most recent causality of this revolution is Syria. It all started in Syria in early 2011(Mackinnon, 64). While other revolutions have settled with time, the Syrian revolution is taking time and is turning out to be the deadliest and bloodiest of all since massive destruction and calamity is on show. United Nations and its stance on governmental actions: United Nations which came into existence right after Second World War has clearly underlined the concepts and instructions pertinent to the governmental approach and actions in different countries. Under these instructions no outsider force has the right to dictate any terms, nor help any party in the conflict. There by United States of America Stands unjust in supporting the rebels in Syria. United Nations stresses for peaceful resolution of disputes and allows the citizens to make decisions rather than outside forces. United Nations has passed number of resolutions in this regard seeking a peaceful end to the violent days in Syria and transfer of power to the people’s elected. Demographic stats: The country lies on the shores of Mediterranean Sea along the borders of Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. This gives it a strategic importance based on its locality and other vital stats. While the Middle East region is sought after for its natural resources and other areas of strategic importance, in such case Syria stands as area of high importance. The country has a population of around twenty million, with majority of the population being Muslims who are further divided into Shiite, Kurds, Armenians and Sunni factions. However the bulk of population is Sunni (Ma?oz, Winkler and Ginat). Present status of Syrian rebels group: The rebels have gained ground in recent times, with massive causalities suffered by the government, its machinery limited to central parts of the country only, rebels over taking parts of the country and Bashar Al Asad’s government standing on its last feet. The rebels constitute the people who took to the streets against the government, the ousted army personnel who refused to follow orders of the Baath party aimed at crushing the uprising of the masses even if it required killing them and using other coercive means. Rebels groups are further strengthened by the opposition parties who have joined hands against the Baath party and have decided to give the death blow to the Baath party through collective efforts. Their resolve is further strengthened by the foreign aid provided by United States of America and other allies, which in other means has made the war more deadly and sinister. Other units in the rebel bench include political activists who are seeking a free political atmosphere in the country which it has rarely seen in last fifty years. Form of Government: The government is presidential in its outlook, however the president enjoys supreme powers and the power is confined to a single family which makes it more of dynastic government than true democracy. A single party government is in place called the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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