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An event/person/movement/idea from the time period of the class, 1865-2000 - Essay Example

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Battle of Chipyong-Ni: Mission Command of COL Paul L. Freeman YOUR LAST NAME Military sciences, Research Paper 12/3/13 Introduction During the winter of 1951 the forces from United Nations in Korea which were deployed by the American were facing a very severe retreat from the Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) who had joined the war in 1950…
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An event/person/movement/idea from the time period of the class, 1865-2000
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"An event/person/movement/idea from the time period of the class, 1865-2000"

Download file to see previous pages Somehow, the UN's advancement into the North Korea is very short as around 600,000 Chinese “volunteers” attacked towards the North Korean hillsides, leading to many casualties, and eventually pulling back the forces of UN. Once there is a retreat it is very hard to stop it as the army is in a “police action” they did not bother that they had to go home. It would require a lot of effort to stop the ongoing retreat and start the fighting and revive the spirit again United States army. The first most prominent leader during the entire course was an Army commander who belonged to the United States is General Matthew Ridgeway. He had served in various previous combats and stood victorious and prominent in almost all of them. Apparently he was the one who relieved the G3 operations officer when he devised the contingent plans for the general to review. Now the difficult part was that to make his soldiers have faith in the plan he suggested and stop the prevailing retreat. Now the job of the leader was to gather the forces, make them believe in the policy and this was done by man with the name Colonel Paul Freeman, at a place known as Chipyong-ni. Body: According to Ridgeway the road of Chipyong-ni was of real importance as it had great value for all the strategies that were made as it allowed movements of vehicles. For future military operation Ridgeway needed Chipyong-ni to launch such operations. Now the most important task was to set a pace and keep the momentum. He was happy with the courage and enthusiasm shown by the 23rd INF's success that happened at the Twin tunnels which had Great Spirit and outstanding leadership. The Chinese were considered to be the unbeaten adversary and many troops got demoralized so he knew that he required someone steadfast to stand against the Chinese and prove to the United Nations and the United States. For this he was relying on COL Freeman and the men of the 23rd INF to do the job and stand against them. COL Freeman’s and the 23INF Regiment when they had won the fight at the Twin Tunnels and eventually securing the village of Chipyong-ni they were almost 70% in power when he was ordered to gain Chipyong-ni from almost five of the Chinese divisions near the hillside. COL Freeman’s consisted of three battalions of infantry. The reason so as to why the 23INF Regiment was so dissimilar to the various other so US infantry regiments that were posted in Korea was due to the fact that they were equipped with a 1,000 men who were all volunteers for the battalion belonging to the French military led by the famous military leaders, LTCRalphMonclar. COL Freeman’s regiment all in all consisted of a total around 4,500 soldiers with only 2,500 of the men being devoted to the infantry men to come face to face to almost 20,000 Chinese troops in the nearby hillsides.1 COL Freeman had an idea that his few man power meant that he could not cover up the high hillsides that were around Chipyong-ni because that would lead to the saturation of his regiment. So he gathered his men on a smaller region but in such a position that they were covering this hillside too. COL Freeman kept his engineers to work making the fighting positions throughout the village and gathering the required supplies for the Chinese siege which was expected in the near future. A siege is what COL Freeman kept in store for the Chinese. Before the battle was about to begin on February 13, 1951, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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