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Military Tradition of Ancient People - Research Paper Example

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Military Tradition of Ancient People
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"Military Tradition of Ancient People"

Download file to see previous pages The Mongol people had historically transformed from hunters and gatherers to nomadic herdsmen, and adopted numerous religious faiths within the leadership and its pollution, due to the vast interaction with people from neighboring territories. There is always an argument over the success of the Mongols army torn between quantity and quality in their functions, but the fact remains that they were well equipped and skilled for any conquest, being contributed by their geographical locations and effective political leadership to coordinate the military. The military force was organized effectively to accomplish the objectives of the empire; the Mongols culture, politics, and geographical locations played a big role to shape the strategic intelligence of the military, though the religious freedom among them paved way for the expansion of the empire as well as its decline. Geographical Location Mongolia is historically known to have been situated in the northern area of China and on the East of the Altai Mountains. 1The region was a high plateau, covered with grass, which was sufficient for their herds grazing and associated with the successive emergence of ancient Mongolia tribesmen, to attack their sedentary neighbors. Therefore, as a way of life, the Mongols people were used to operating in the open grassland field that stretched from central parts of Europe into Asia. From the experience of horse riding in such fields, the nomads’ lifestyle on the steppes and the struggles they faced each day for survival came to shape the Mongolian forces that consisted the people from the steppe. According to 2Barnes, unlike the other European knights who were considered professionally trained, the Mongolian warriors or Mongolian force had experienced a tough lifestyle having to fight against each other and nature, to become hardy people before contributing to their abilities as warriors. As a result of their nomadic lifestyle, they taught their children how to ride horses on the steppes, while grazing the animals at an early age. 3Meaning the children grew up with better skills in (horsemanship) riding, managing, and gallops. This was effective in their future armies’ movement across the different terrains, since their horses were strong to withstand the different conditions in vast lands, weather, and even their feed. The advantage of the steppes and the horse riding across them, and different lands patterns in the vast geographical regions, made both the horses and the riders develop legendary endurance to accomplish the objective of the Mongols army at any invasion. According to 4Carlton, the Mongols army appeared to move twice the pace of their enemies and often victorious, even if they were at a disadvantage than their opponents to achieve success. It simply means that their bodies had adjusted to harsh conditions, and could even travel for long distances without food or having to carry lot of bulky food. It follows the theory of evolution to winning the battle for survival, which associates sensory experience and environmental forces to improving the knowledge. Their experience in horse riding had made them become like natural horse riders providing them a high degree of flexibility and speed into distant territories. 5Barner further mentions that the riding skills were an advantage to them, such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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