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Film of The Last Picture Show - Movie Review Example

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The Last Picture Show Introduction The movie “The last picture show” stands out as one of the major films portraying what the seventies offers in the American cinema renaissance. In it, the historical perspective of the country in those times is brought out as well as intriguing details of the ways of life in the period; all of which sum up to a commendable level of entertainment and Texan history Peter Bogdanovich directs this acclaimed masterpiece adapted from a book bearing the same title written by Larry McMurty…
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Film Review of The Last Picture Show
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Download file to see previous pages The small Texan town is characterized by huge amounts of dust and its perception is that of a dying town. It lacks many inhabitants and the streets are short of vehicles. Majority of the few inhabitants are seemingly older and retired or clinging to the few jobs that offer a better income. The younger generation present is only there for a particular reason and is probably interested in leaving for greener pastures in another area. The three teenagers together with other minor cast members execute the themes intended perfectly. This is supported by the many nominations, awards and critics approval accorded to the movie. In this film, the audience finds a moving, interesting and a knowledgeable presentation worth every attention. In addition, the movie provides a historical feel by taking the audience back in time to experience the happenings of that period. Historical Accuracy of the story, Feel and Entertainment Value The setting of this film falls in the early 1950s and depicts the condition of the America as at that time. The film accurately presents what was going on in terms of development (infrastructural and economic development). Poor development is shown by the struggles of the people particularly the two friends Sonny and Jock in making the best out of their lives. Theirs is a seemingly futureless life. They are high school seniors, friends and members of the high school’s football team who share a house and a beat-up old pickup truck. The small Texan town is short of progress, something synonymous with most remote towns of the time. The boys’ dreams of having a breakthrough as football players become less attainable by each passing day. This condition reigns; more so as attention to development is overshadowed by the Korean war. Despair is all over and every individual waits for the start of a better life while also trying to secure for oneself the best in the meantime. (Bogdanovich et al.1991, par 1) In the events of this movie, one can feel the historical accuracy and presence being aired. The director and scriptwriter balances the emotions expressed in this film. This is through presentation of a time of great despair and moral decadence in America while also introducing an element of hope at the long last. The time chosen as the best time to set this film does the accuracy of events great justice. Sonny and Duane attributes especially in relation to their social life complements the historical depiction of the Texan town. It is seen as a way of getting out or seeking solace for all that is not going right. Their sexual escapades contradict the bible-thumping and catholic adherence nature prevalent in the times. Nevertheless, “The Last Picture Show” contrasts the way that people hold the moral occurrences of the fifties. In an insightful manner, the issue of sexuality and morality, as compared to the current times, may seem less minimal in the period in which the film is set. This is contrary to that notion thus makes the film more intriguing and captivating to watch. Naturally, one would think that there was less prevalence of moral decadence and casual sexual escapades in the fifties but the film provides ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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