The Story of Lawrence of Arabia - Movie Review Example

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In this review, the issues and incidents relating to the meritorious rise of Lawrence from a helping hand in the Military Headquarters of British, to an extraordinary leader, is discussed. The account of his skillful role as a negotiator for the Arab interests with the Western Powers is also given…
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The Story of Lawrence of Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages This man was appreciated by no less a person than Sir Winston Churchill, the then Prime Minister of Great Britain. He possessed excellent literary skills.
The synopsis of the story goes thus. Lawrence is content to call him an ‘ordinary man’, but all extraordinary personalities are modest in saying thus about themselves. Born in Tremadoc, Wales, in 1888, Thomas Edward - known as Ned - was the second of five illegitimate boys. Sir Thomas Chapman fell in love with the family governess, Sarah Junner, left his first marriage, took a new name of Lawrence and remained unwed.
“School”, he said later, “was an irrelevant and time-wasting nuisance, which I hated and condemned.”(Hart, 1989, p, 4)He appreciated the practical life and remained ever ready to face its harsh realities. Lawrence family settled in Oxford, and here Ned got the opportunity to go to school and university. As a youth, his latent love for history and travel found outward manifestation, and he took fascination to explore castles and old churches. A study trip took him to Syria, where he walked over a thousand miles. He studied remote Crusader castles. After graduation, he decided to become an archaeologist. His thesis for his finals was: The Influence of the Crusades on European Military Architecture - to the end of the XII century.
He arrived at the Middle East, to work in an excavation site in Carchemish from 1910-1914, in the northern part of Syria. Everything about Arabic fascinated him. A young Arab worker Dahoum was his traveling companion with whom he developed a close friendship. With the declaration of war, Lawrence returned to England. He joined the British Army and was posted in Cairo. His Arabic knowledge came handy to interrogate the Turkish prisoners, who revealed the Turkish Army locations and strengths.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Story of Lawrence of Arabia Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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