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Anarchism equals chaos: does it? Name Institution Tutor Date Anarchism equals chaos: does it? With the world full of inequalities, anarchy aims at creating a society where individuals live in a free society. It is warranted to argue that the inequalities in the society have been the basis of inequality and issues in the society…
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Anarchism equals chaos: does it
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"Anarchism equals chaos: does it"

Download file to see previous pages In this society, hence, human beings enjoy their freedom, and live in peace and harmony. However, Marshall (2010, p.395) warns that anarchy does not mean that wrong doers will go scot-free. Marshall (2010, p.395) also emphasizes that anarchism allows for equality as well as functioning of the society whereby the affairs of all humans are managed by individual associations, and the powers of the state are limited. This is to suggest that no rules should be imposed on the individuals or any code of conduct. Individuals and the state in this case, mind their own businesses (Marshall, 2010, p.390).This essay shall aim at analyzing the concept of anarchism and whether the entire concept may lead to chaos or not. In the work of Goodway (2011, p.156), anarchy can be discussed as not being chaotic. From the work one would argue that anarchy rejects organization- organization of how the state imagines that the society should be structured. Anarchists believe that the society should be organized on the basis of personal freedom and social justice. Additionally, anarchists believe that in the event that coercive organizations in the society are replaced by decentralized and no-hierarchical systems, it would be easier to control the likelihood of any occurrence of conflicts in the society. This leads to the argument that anarchy does not result to chaos, as individuals function on the basis of collective service and mutual responsibility (Graham, 2005, p.28) With anarchy creating a free society, where individuals work as equals, all of them strive to fulfill their needs and desires. Graham (2005, p.28) argues that anarchy allows the members of the society to work when free, and in the long run, managing the lives of these people is very easy. It is obvious that supervising and coercing persons will create chaos, as they are given a chance to choose what they desire. If this form of coercion is imposed in communities at large, chances are chaos will burst out. This proves that anarchy does result to chaos, but minimizes chances of chaos blowing up. On the other hand, the work of Purkis & Bowen (2005, p.50) indicates that anarchy defines an ending of the powers of the state, capitalism and organized form of religion. The few in the society have subjected the majority to their rule, which is the major cause of conflicts. In this case, therefore, anarchism is a solution to this rule by the few- the few who also accumulate a lot of wealth and impose their influence on their subjects. Purkis & Bowen (2005, p.51) indicate that anarchism is against the state as well as capitalist ideologies, which have created the concept of private property. Through anarchism, issues such as sexism, racism, and religious prejudice are minimized. In summation, anarchism advocates for creation of a society that incorporates all persons despite their being affiliated to any groupings. In such a society, how do conflicts and chaos come in? In fact, decentralization of the society as seen in the argument of Shantz (2009, p.12), power lies in the people and not among few persons in the top hierarchies. In the argument that anarchism allows for individuals to organize themselves in a free society, Shantz (2009, p.12) argues that the society can be run without the ‘bosses’. The ‘ordinary’ persons are therefore given a chance to defend their rights and interests; thus, a transformation in the society at large. A closer view of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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At first, I thought 6 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the depth of the subject. I’ve read all at once. Precise paper
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