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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Section1 Question # 1 The name of the plan, for the Allied invasion of Europe, was Overlord, and it was executed on 6TH June 1944, on the French coast of Normandy, marking the end of French occupation by Germany. Question # 2 The German Airborne troops were called the Luftwaffe and were deemed superior…
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Choose from the book
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Download file to see previous pages He played a significant role, in the Watergate scandal, by supporting his president through the aftermath of the scandal. Question # 5 The two primary objectives of the Women’s Movement were protecting of homes and acting against the negativities of alcohol abuse. It encouraged women to stand up and participate in nation building. It advocated for a healthy lifestyle and shunning all that was defective, in society. Question # 6 The Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred on the East coast of North Vietnam and to the West Coast of Hainan Island. Vietnamese torpedo patrol boats attacked the American destroyer, Maddox, marking the official involvement of the United States of America in the Vietnam War through the signing of a decree by the then president. Question # 7 My Lai massacre took place on March 16TH 1968. It was a village with 700 people South East of a United States army base in Danang. It involved the killing of village civilians amounting to between 347 to 504 people killed by the American forces. Question # 8 Tet is the name given to the Vietnamese New Year. The Tet offensive was conducted on the Tet of 1968, by the communist forces, on all Southern Vietnamese cities, including an attack on the American embassy where many civilians were killed escalating the situation even further to an all out war. Question # 9 The Iran-Contra was a secret action by the United States that was not affirmed by congress. It happened in 1985 when the United States administration under President Ronald Reagan, supplied weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages that were being held by Hezbollah a terrorist outfit loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini the Iran leader. Proceeds from this sale were given to the Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. The Contras were armed opposition to Nicaragua’s Sandinista Junta, of National Reconstruction, which formed after Anastasio Somoza Dabayle was overthrown from government ending his dictatorship regime. Question # 10 Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were two Washington Post reporters who broke out the Water-gate scandal to the public. They got their information from a source they called Deep Throat, whose real identity they never revealed to protect their source of information, which was allowed by law and enshrined, in the constitution. The law is still applicable up to today to protect journalist’s sources. Question # 11 The Gorbachev policy of Perestroika and Glasnost were the two policies that were put into practice, in the USSR. Perestroika was the democratization of the communist party allowing civilians to have a modest ay in government, economic reform by allowing some industries to operate semi-privately and end price control through a semi-free market system. Glasnost meant openness which increased the freedom of expression in the media and in the people which helped whistle blowing and exposing corruption. Question # 12 A group of Communist Hardliners led by his former vice president Gennady Yanayev arrested and imprisoned Gorbachev. President Boris Yeltsin convinced them to release him. Question # 13 The destruction of the Berlin Wall marked the symbolic end of the Cold-War which united the communist East and the capitalist West Germany into one capitalist state. Question #14 President Clinton was impeached because for high crimes of perjury, abuse of power and obstruction of justice. The allegations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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