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Assignment 4UT Name Tutor Institution Subject code Question 1 a. Sovereignty and imperialism Sovereignty refers to the independence of a nation to rule itself. Sovereign states are often governed by a common leader such as presidents or kings…
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Assignment 4UT
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"Assignment 4UT"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, the United States exercised imperialism over Latin American states during the reign of President Roosevelt. b. Rationale In the case of the Roosevelt Corollary, President Roosevelt acted in the pretense of limiting foreign involvement in the affairs of the Latin American states. According to Ayers (2009), Roosevelt claimed that mistakes the Latin American country made, would force the United States to exercise international police power. In the Panamanian Revolution, Roosevelt argued that the Colombians refused to take his offer for the canal. Additionally, there had been several other treaties made in the past with the Colombian government that had not been honored. c. Message from the Cartoons President Roosevelt is depicted as an adamant fighter who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal or victory. In relation to the Panamanian Revolution and the Roosevelt Corollary, Roosevelt depicts that he does not appreciate loosing and as such would use any available means to ensure that he succeeds. This is evident by the way he strangles his opponent in the depicted cartoon of him and the rail road trust. d. Events leading to Panamanian Revolution. By showing interest to the offer given by the Panamanian rebels over the Panama Canal, the United States effectively played a big role in enforcing the revolution. By secretly organizing a coup and declaring their independence with the protection of the United States Navy, the Panamanian rebels stole the Panama Canal Zone from the Colombians as claimed by the Republican senator Hayakawa. Question 2 Following the publication of a novel by Upton Sinclair, ’the jungle’, there was uproar by the American people amidst the revelations that the book revealed to the citizens. The massive filth and corruption of the meat packing industry had been exposed with Upton vividly describing how sick cows were slaughtered for beef at the watch of the meat inspector (Ayers, 2009). He also exposed how rats and other rodents were packed with regular meat and grinded to make sausages. As a result of this, there was massive demand by the public for reforms in the meat industry. This public outcry for reforms partly contributed to the progressive reform movement that was taking shape at the time. Upton’s article was characteristic of muckraking journalism in the sense that it reported on the wrong doings that was happening in the meat industry. By investigating and revealing the filth and rot that had been entrenched in such a sensitive industry, Upton qualified to be a muckraker. His article didn’t bear any positive news or reports about the happenings in the meat industry but instead condemned the wrong doings. Even the president, Roosevelt, was particularly disturbed by this publication. His immediate action was to send agents to investigate Upton’s claim. Unfortunately, the agents reported back a much worse situation than the one Upton published in his novel. He, therefore, requested the congress to pass a law for regulating food and drug usage and also putting in place a standard for inspection of meat. This was finally achieved in 1906 with the law requiring meat to be packed in a clean environment and meet the stipulated standards. He even invited Upton to statehouse and solicited his advice on ways to improve the inspection process to make them much safer. This system matched his current regulatory system in the sense tha ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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