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Around the theme of War as accident vs. war by design, consider the origins of the following wars: The Opium War, World War I, - Essay Example

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Name: Date: Course: Around the theme of "War as accident vs. war by design Wars normally emerge as a planned affair or jut accidentally and accelerate beyond control. In fact, even the planned wars can go overboard to the surprise of the planners, since it is not possible to visualize the course any war is going to take from the start to the end, with ultimate precision (Lovell, 112)…
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Around the theme of War as accident vs. war by design, consider the origins of the following wars: The Opium War, World War I,
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"Around the theme of War as accident vs. war by design, consider the origins of the following wars: The Opium War, World War I,"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this discussion seeks to understand the origins of the wars, with a focus on whether the Opium War, World War I, and World War II were started accidentally or by design. The Opium War The opium war occurred in two phases, the first phase occurring 1839 to 1842 and the phase in the period 1856 to 1860 (Hanes and Frank, 54). The origin of this war was a commercial conflict between the Chinese and the British Empire. The Opium War occurred by design and not by accident. This is because; the first Opium War was solely started by the British Empire, which sent gun boats following a commercial disagreement between British Empire and China (Lovell, 102). The British Empire and its merchants had been importing large quantities of Opium into china, which was initially used as a medicinal substance. However, it turned out that the Chinese realized that the Opium could be mixed and smoked together with tobacco (Hanes and Frank, 72). This led to an increase in demand for Opium, which opened more trade opportunities for the British merchants. However, as time progressed, the Chinese authorities realized that Opium had addictive effects as well as other negative health impacts on the Chinese people. Therefore, the authorities sought to restrict the importation of Opium by the British merchants, by banning any import on shipments related to Opium as a product (Lovell, 117). This trade ban created a bad blood between the Chinese and the British Empire, since the British Empire was benefiting more from the trade; therefore it had not illegalized trading in Opium. While the British merchants sought for ways out, to continue importing the product, the Chinese authorities responded by confiscating tones of Opium shipments from the British merchants and destroying it, on top of taking most of the British merchants’ hostage (Hanes and Frank, 60). Since the British Empire did not respect the will of the Chinese to ban the importation of Opium, it planned an attack on China, to force it agree to the continuation of the trade in Opium, in addition to creating more favorable conditions for the trade. Therefore, the British Empire sent gunboats to attack China, which in turn gave in to the demands of the British Empire, since it did not have the capacity to fight against the modern weapons (Lovell, 120). The same case happened in the second phase of the Opium war, where the British Empire joined hands with France, Russia and the USA to coerce China into accepting their terms of trade through signing various treaties, which entailed the confiscation of some of the Chinese territories by these western powers (Hanes and Frank, 55). Therefore, the Opium war, which involved the attack on China by western powers, was by design, to allow the western powers enforce commercial agreements that favored them. The First World War This is the first war to occur on a global scale that lasted in the period 1914 to 1918. The war involved the major world powers which were organized in antagonistic packs, with the central powers, made up of Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary on one side and the allies, comprising of Britain, France and Russia on the other hand (Afflerbach and Stevenson, 20). However, the alignment kept changing with time as more countries joined the war, which brought over 70 million military ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Around the Theme of War As Accident Vs. War by Design, Consider the Essay)
Around the Theme of War As Accident Vs. War by Design, Consider the Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1462139-around-the-theme-of-war-as-accident-vs-war-by.
“Around the Theme of War As Accident Vs. War by Design, Consider the Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1462139-around-the-theme-of-war-as-accident-vs-war-by.
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