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From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective - Essay Example

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Name Subject Instructor Date From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts In Hemispheric Perspective 1 The topic of slavery has always been a sensitive topic to bring up but one that has had to be discussed either way as a vital part of the country’s history…
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From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective
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"From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages In his literary works the author argues that the various revolts that took place in various parts of the country and outside it were not the main reason for the final liberation of the African American population and the abolishment of slavery but were rather desperate attempts by separate groups who had been pushed to their limit and had had enough of the ill treatment they were receiving. This does not mean that they did not play a part in the fight for freedom and as a matter of fact they did contribute a large part to the struggle as their results helped show the slaves that they needed a better way of approaching the war against slavery if they were to survive to enjoy the fruits of their efforts (Genovese). There is a big difference between revolts and revolutions and as the fight against slavery wore on, the slaves learnt this difference and this knowledge allowed them to change their tactics to strategies that were more suitable to their survival. These strategies involved the use of their religion infused into politics and the question of Christian morality which encouraged accommodation and compromise as a proper response to the introduction of new cultures. This change of strategy from militant to political action enabled the African Americans to fight the war for freedom without incurring the numerous loss of life they would have no doubt have brought upon themselves (and at certain pints did) has they continued the use of physical violence as their main weapon (Junius 412). This does not mean that they were entirely incapable of mounting a revolution against the white population but lacked a number of circumstances to make such a revolution necessary. These circumstances included the organization and unity of the African populace that were spread around the country, the presence of a sufficient source of weaponry as compared to the slave masters and geographical advantage as apart from the Caribbean islands, the African population rarely outnumbered the white presence in the area which made them a dominant force. Thus it can be said that the daily based revolts which though eventually led to revolutions cannot be considered as genuine attempts to overthrow the white governance of the land as they were mostly held to settle personal or local scores against people of a certain area rather attain dominance over the slave masters of the region (Genovese). 2 Sufficient evidence for this argument is provided through out various parts of the Caribbean Islands as well as North America that support these claims. Some of this includes the disparity with which the number of cases of revolts appeared in the Caribbean Islands as compared to the Old South which could be considered as the stronghold for slavery in America. This can be attributed to the treatment of the slaves in the Islands (sugar cane plantations) and those in the south (tobacco farmers). There were a large number of revolts in the plantations due to their ill treatment which led to the slaves resulting to such desperate measures of violence after nearly being starved to death and undergoing rough treatment that made their lives horrible. The slaves in the South on the other hand had developed a sense of paternalism between the slaves and their masters which can be described as a sense of an agreement between both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1461372-from-rebellion-to-revolution-slave-revolts-in
(From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective Essay)
From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1461372-from-rebellion-to-revolution-slave-revolts-in.
“From Rebellion to Revolution: Slave Revolts in Hemispheric Perspective Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1461372-from-rebellion-to-revolution-slave-revolts-in.
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