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Hall of frame for president of us - Essay Example

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All the 44 presidents who have served in the United States since independence have personal attributes that are favorable in different ways to people due to their character, policies and visions. Hence, people evaluate them differently based on their ideologies…
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Hall of frame for president of us
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Download file to see previous pages He is recognized for his efforts in making the country the world’s superpower during the war. He also had a vision of protecting the county’s citizens from the effects of the great depression. His legislation that guided the country through the great depression makes him a good leader (Stadelmann, 2009). Theodore Roosevelt was a great president who used his influence to the citizens to accept his ideologies. His influential ability helped him to get legislation passed in the congress (Stadelmann, 2009). He was the first president to use his influence to drive his foreign policies with other countries, and this ensured good international relations with them. William Jefferson Clinton is another great US president who is admired for his ability to handle crisis and scandals. He managed scandals effectively without letting them interfere with his leadership. I also like President Ronald Reagan due to his great communication skills; he would influence the public through his speeches and inspire the public through his messages (Bolno, n.d). President John Fitzgerald Kennedy is one of the best influential leaders that I have always admired. He is presumed to have had some leadership attributes from his father who had served as an ambassador in 1937 to 1940. He is renowned for his leadership styles, which the subsequent presidents of the United States have tried to emulate over the years. John Kennedy is best favorable president due to his leadership attributes were exhibited throughout his life. His first attribute as a great leader is charisma. This is due to his ability to inspire people through his practical choice of words. His messages motivated people to accept his leadership policies. He chose very wise words to manage crisis by demonstrating an ability to handle delicate situations amicably. The second attribute that I like about him was his visionary leadership. Kennedy was seen as a visionary leader who shared his vision and goals of the country with all citizens through his speeches (Colvin, 2008). This attribute creates an understanding that the future of a country depends on the leaders’ vision. As a visionary leader, he was able to show the direction which he wanted to lead the country. Hence, through this, he received great credibility and support from many people. The third admirable leadership attribute of President Kennedy was that he was able to delegate (Hald, 2007). A leader needs to delegate some powers to his subordinates who should share the same ideologies so that he can ensure that objectives are met in time. In addition, Kennedy’s administration was made up of learned scholars who were competent to take up roles. Hence, Kennedy easily delegated his authority to some of his cabinet while still exercising his control powers. This was seen by his appointment of Dean Rusk as his secretary of state (Hald, 2007). The fourth attribute of Kennedy that I like is that of inspirational leadership, a leader should inspire his followers towards excellence (Colvin, 2008). Moreover, President Kennedy inspired other people to excel in the duties that they were assigned to, and offered support towards achieving such goals. Therefore, this encouraged teamwork and unity because people felt as part of his government. Lastly, I admire the courage that President Kennedy portrayed especially in dealing with serious issues. Since he had previously served as in the navy, Kennedy was seen to be courageous when dealing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Hall of Frame for President of Us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Hall of Frame for President of Us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Hall of Frame for President of Us Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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