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Essay for the book Candide - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date Candide People have faced and endured famine, wars, and suffering that have been part of them since the beginning of the world. For instance, in the fourteenth century, majority of people worked on land using the traditional method of cultivation called the three-field system (Turner et al 289)…
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Research Essay for the book Candide
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"Essay for the book Candide"

Download file to see previous pages This in turn caused hunger and starvation among most people during that time1. The Zwinglian and Lutheran reformations dissatisfied many people because they wanted a more rapid and aggressive apostolic Christianity and new ways of doing things. The Anabaptist group emerged during this time to protest against infant baptism and instead, it called for adult baptism as this they believed was in line with the teaching of Jesus (Turner et al 327). Between 1525 and 1618, many people were murdered for rebaptizing themselves as adults. Those people who did not conform to the Lutherans and Zwinglian ideologies were brutally beaten and forced to emigrate. As a response to these developments, the Protestants and catholic armies united to dismantle the radicals. Many people suffered because of fighting in that they lacked food and other basic needs (Turner et al 327). During the age of religious war, Theodore Beza spoke loudly against tyranny and oppression of the people by the government. The government was challenged to provide security to its citizens because people were suffering during that time. King Henry IV agreed to protect the rights of people by granting religious freedom to the Edict of Nantes. They were given freedom of public worship, admission to public offices and the right to assembly (Turner et al 351) In 1315-17, crop production dwindled which resulted in famine during the middle ages. All people were affected in that even people from town suffered badly due to lack of food. Subsequent decades were characterized by overpopulation, famine, economic depression, and poor health, which weakened the population and made them susceptible to dangerous bubonic plague that arose in 1348. The plague was deadly and spread rapidly from Asia to Europe. Further, the plague remedies were gruesome and painful in that when it entered the human lungs during the onset of the disease, it destroyed the lungs, which eventually led to wheezing and sneezing thus spreading from one person to another2. The situation at that time was uncontainable because physicians had no knowledge on how to handle the disease that was killing many people. To the physicians, the plague was a catastrophe like earthquake or tsunami with no description and against which there was no medicine or any form of defense (Pearson et al 259). Some people tried to explain the causes of the plague and suffering. They attributed these situations to a corruption in the universe that led to the disease. They argued that poisonous gases released by earthquake were responsible for the outbreak of the disease. In attempt to conquer this situation, some people sought a therapy in temperate life and moderation while others engaged to passions such as sex. Those areas that were harshly infested with the disease witnessed high sexual activities. In addition, those who were prudent enough sought seclusion as the best remedy for the disease. These events justifies Candide’s argument that people in live convulsion of misery or sufferings. To reveal the desperation that human beings find themselves in is the fact that during this time many people turned to religious rituals believing that such acts would bring divine intervention from supreme beings than human beings. However, the nature of the flagellant rituals made the situation worse because it resulted in bleeding which may have further spread the disease. In addition, the activity disrupted normal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Candide: A Critical Analysis
...-economic models of his time are visualized in his literature as a philosophical and political satire in most of his creations. He is more likely to be identified as a revolutionary philosopher who criticized the implications of the imperial models of religious supremacy over the French society than an amusing writer to have written books worth reading. Among all of his creative achievements, Candide remains an insignia of the philosopher’s unique technique to exhibit his perfectness in presenting a satire with the enterprising blend of surrealism and romanticism to reach the theme deep into the hearts of the readers. Voltaire’s skeptical views of the domineering social structure based on the norms of...
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...such naivety, spares no punches in his book criticising this philosophy. Pangloss, and his student Candide, are made to suffer innumerable tragedies through the course of the novel as if to test the veracity of their refrain that all is best in this “best of all possible worlds”. The degree of their misfortune is stretched to ridiculous levels that leave no room for ambiguity as to where the author’s own sympathies lie. For instance, in Chapter 4, when Candide discovers that the beggar is Pangloss himself and despairs to find his master ravaged by the disease Syphilis, he says: "O sage Pangloss," cried Candide, "what a strange genealogy is this! Is not the devil the root...
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...the power of greed in man and he thoroughly ridicules the irrationality of human priorities. But one must also understand how Eldorado shows how insignificant and valueless something can be if there it exists in large quantities. So one would argue that the real significance of the Eldorado episode is that Voltaire uses it to attack the Europeans, in the sense that it is contrasted with Europe, and also to show how money corrupts. So indirectly he is attacking the wealthy, the aristocrats. Fate seems to play a key part in the novella Candide. Essentially Candide is a novella that follows a young boy trying to make it in life; the author uses the book to attack certain peoples and...
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...from Eldorado reveals his selfish interests. He is in pursuit of power of wealth. He believes his journeys would earn him more wealth and enable him consolidate power. He enjoys globe-trotting and derives pleasure in boasting about his worldly journeys. He therefore opts to leave the ideal society where no injustice exists for an uncertain future which assures him of nothing at all (Voltaire 32). Works Cited Shmoop. Candide, or Optimism: Shmoop Literature Guide. 1. Foster : Candide, or Optimism: Shmoop Literature Guide, 2009. Print Candide’s decisions are best on his determined nature. The book gives the brighter side of Candide who despite the mixed...
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.... In this effort, Eldorado is a key concept which gives evidence to an earthly paradise. The concept of the earthly paradise also is challenged by the novelist by the turn of events. This represents the optimistic view of life suggested by the Enlightenment philosophers. It is challenged and repudiated by the sheer skill of Voltaire’s writing. In short, the whole novel is a play of the dualistic concepts of optimism and pessimism that allows Voltaire to undo or unwrap the concept of optimism. Works cited Bair, Lowell. 1959. Voltaire, Candide, Trans. New York: Bantam Books. 28. (Andre Maurois, "The Sage of Ferney."  Voltaire.  New York: D. Appleton & Co, 1932.  Rpt. In)... Optimism Challenged by Pessimism in Voltaire’s...
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...of Lecturers Analysis of Candide by Voltaire Candide was written by Voltaire in 1759. The book reflected the main incidents and happenings in Europe and the rest of the world in the mid 1700s. It shows several elements of injustices in Europe that was inherited from the Medieval periods and the Dark Ages of Europe. The book, Candide challenged fundamental elements and institutions of the contemporary society and gave impetus for the Renaissance in Europe. In the book, the main characters are the Baron and his family which exhibits how power was distributed in Europe. It shows that European nobility had formed a ruling class that was...
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...Candide is a satire containing Voltaire’s own opinions and perception about the different political and philosophical arguments of his time. His created his characters based on how he rejected or accepted certain philosophies. Candide is the illegitimate son the baron’s sister. He became an illegitimate son because his mother didn’t want to marry his father since she has a higher coat of arms than him. She had seventy-two compared to his father’s seventy-one. Voltaire exaggerated this situation as he sees natural superiority, through lineage, as an absurd thing. He believes that there is no such thing as natural superiority as humans strive and work hard to bring honor to their name as Candide says, “we must go and work our garden... ”...
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Candide Voltaire ISBN: 0553211668
...Voltaire’s Use of Humor in “Candide.” Voltaire’s novel, “Candide,” is a satire which mocks philosophy, religion and love: in short, life. The eponymous protagonist is a young man who falls in love with Cunegonde, a woman of a higher social class. The narrative follows Candide on his travels through Europe, South America and England, where he meets with a succession of misfortunes as he refuses to give up on his love. Finally, Candide is reunited with Cunegonde and settles down to a secluded life on a small farm. The major part of the story is devoted to an unending string of misfortunes. In spite of this, “Candide” is one of the funniest works in...
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...Teacher Two events and their comparative significance in terms of social identity and related problems The two events selected in Voltaire’s novel Candide that have significance in social identity and related problems are the arrival of Candide and his valet Cacambo at El Dorado and when Candide found Miss Cunegund again in Constantinople. Candide and his valet Cacambo’s visit at El Dorado made Candide realized that the interpretation of the social of identity of God has caused us so much trouble. The second event that highlighted the problem of social identity was during Candide’s travel to Constantinople to look for Miss Cunegund...
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...and destroying infrastructure. It is unfortunate that the people’s religious beliefs drove them to sacrifice some people as a measure of preventing future occurrences of earthquakes. Upon witnessing how the society tortured some people, Candide was terrified. Without a doubt, the Lisbon society needed reforms to do away with the ungodly attitudes and adopt modernization. Conclusion Evidently, Voltaire’s book gives an account of numerous tragic events that Candide witnessed. Among these events were a battlefield in Bulgars and an earthquake in Lisbon. In both cases, over 30,000 people perished. It is unfortunate that both fabricated and natural disasters caused the death of innocent...
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