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Name Instructor Date Empress Elizabeth impact on the Russian economy In the sixteenth century, Russian economy seemed to be lagging behind in comparison with other European countries. As such, it was necessary to implement sound policies and strategies to revive the economy and ensure that it thrived through the different situations encountered, such as the wars…
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Empress elizabeth
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"Empress elizabeth"

Download file to see previous pages At her tender age, German had a significant influence on Russian economic and political development, which she did not welcome. As such, in 1941, she organized a coup that led to the collapse of the emperor of the time, and capture of the emperor family members, which was a major boost to the Russian economic development transition. By then, Russia was independent from its neighbouring countries based on its treaties. According to Madariaga, “the conditions laid down by treaty when the Baltic provinces were first annexed by Russia in 1712, Livonia and Estonia were allowed to maintain their own form of administration, social structure, religion and language” (8). Since her approach to governance was very different from that of the previous governance, many changes were necessary. As such, when she got to power, she obliterated the cabinet system of governance and replaced it with the senate system. To her, the senate system effectively addressed the needs of a majority of the population and thus was more appealing. Moreover, the previous system of governance had failed to realize good results. ...
This is because it empowers the citizens with knowledge to make sound decision on various aspects of life, they encounter. In her part, Elizabeth played a major role in improving the literacy level in Russia. Due to her interest in education, she led to the establishment of the first Russian university. This ensured that people who held various positions had a chance to sharpen their skills and thus improve their efficiency in management. In addition, Elizabeth saw the establishment of the academy of art, which was an investment to the Russian economy, and was facilitated by her extensive interaction with foreign policy. The foreign policy was reinforced by Catherine, her successor. According to Madariaga, “The basic orientation of her foreign policy was laid down in the treaty of alliance with Austria in 1726, while friendly relations were maintained with Britain and Denmark” (11). The academy of art enhanced art skills and thus provided an avenue for the creation of revenue, for both the citizens and government. This saw Russian became a power hub in the European region and thus gained recognition from other well-established nations of the time. According to Madariaga, “As a result of the union between the Empress Elizabeth of Russia and the Empress  Maria Theresia of Austria in 1746, Russia became one of the leading powers in the so­called diplomatic revolution of 1756, the change­over from the traditional hostility between France and Austria to an alliance between the two countries, supported by Russia, with the aim of defeating and partitioning Prussia” (12) Significant economic and political success was realized during the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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