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The Emergence of a Unique Cultural Life in the South America - Essay Example

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South America has a unique way of life because of the migration that took place after civil war that occurred up to the World War 1. During this period, many people globally moved from their places towards the Southern side of America…
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The Emergence of a Unique Cultural Life in the South America
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"The Emergence of a Unique Cultural Life in the South America"

Download file to see previous pages The number of the people who migrated was in terms of millions. For the Asians and the Europeans who moved to South America had to go across the ocean. Many of those who migrated to America preferred residing in the Western side of America and some parts of the North Eastern side. However, others felt more attracted to move to the Southern side of America (Cobb 75). These people include; Greeks, Italians, Cubans, Jews, and Asians among many others. However, the number of the immigrants to South America was less than the number of Southern African Americans who lived in poverty. In South America, there was a lot of poverty and the wages were too low to attract immigrants. There were very few opportunities for the immigrants since black Americans and a few of the local whites are the once who worked in the agricultural sectors as laborers and employees in the textile industry respectively. By 1860, only five percent of the population was made of the immigrants unlike in the North and East parts of America whereby the percentage of the population made up by the immigrants was fourteen. Actually, to the South American government, that was very disappointing considering that the government tried as much as possible to attract more foreigners (Cobb 99). After the coming of foreigners to South America, several factors influenced the culture of the region in an impacting way. One of the factors is racism. Amongst the Asian foreigners, the highest number was made of Chinese people. There were few Chinese women as compared to Chinese men. Eventually, most of the Chinese men married black American women who were black in complexion. In some few cases, Chinese men married the local whites in South America. The children born as a result of the intermarriage were neither white nor black. White schools could not enroll the Chinese children to their schools because they did not know the best way to classify the children (Edward 97). As a result of intermarriages, new groups of people came up who were more different in their way of life. Language is another factor that leads to the unique culture in South America. Converging of different cultures and different lifestyles in the region made the culture unique. Though others tried to copy and cope with different cultures, new cultures were developed. The blacks were able to grow foodstuffs such as corn and cassava. Asians came up with a way of getting rid of the poisonous parts found in the foodstuffs. The blacks had to adapt the culture of the Asians in a way to benefit them (Edward 101). Normally, when different types of people occupy a place, it occurs that one is not confined in his or her culture. Therefore, there was a lot of evolving in different cultures in order to make life better. Different religions, which existed in South America, caused a lot in the culture. Since there were religions, which worked well with a certain group of people, this affected the culture of the people. Some groups of people did not value others depending on their religions and many denominations. This lead to conflicts because different churches had their own way of doing and showing their here was a time that protestants could not mind the church to attend since the protestant churches had common practices. Eventually, there being sub division in the churches and different faiths, disparities arose thus different churches were meant for different groups (Edward 185). By the late 19th century, indiscipline in churches started because the worshippers started being against each other. This caused internal indiscipline in the region. Each church believed that its faith was the most correct and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Emergence of a Unique Cultural Life in the South America Essay)
The Emergence of a Unique Cultural Life in the South America Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1457610-the-emergence-of-a-unique-cultural-life-in-and-of.
“The Emergence of a Unique Cultural Life in the South America Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1457610-the-emergence-of-a-unique-cultural-life-in-and-of.
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