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Antigone by Sophocles and Ancient Greek Civilization - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Antigone by Sophocles and Ancient Greek Civilization Antigone by Sophocles The story tells of the misfortune that had befallen the ruler of Thebes on an attempt to assert his power among his subjects. Antigone had been the daughter of Oedipus who had sought to bury Polyneices, her brother after attempting to attack Thebes…
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Antigone by Sophocles and Ancient Greek Civilization
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"Antigone by Sophocles and Ancient Greek Civilization"

Download file to see previous pages Creon fails to acknowledge her plea and is condemned to death. Creon had presented the rule that the person who would bury Polyneices would be subjected to death. This is because he had termed him as an intruder and a murderer to his predecessor Eteocles in the battle for the throne (Sophocles 2) Creon had made the ruling that the body would be left to rot instead of a proper burial, a ruling that Antigone defied. Unlike his brother, Eteocles had been given a proper burial, and the angry Antigone sought to place her brother’s body to rest in peace. The actions of the woman to disobey his ruling angered the king and sentenced both Antigone and her sister Ismene to death (Sophocles 1). Consequently, Creon’s son Haemon pleaded with his father to overturn his ruling because he had been engaged to Antigone, and had not wished to lose his fiance. Creon failed to adhere to his so wishes, but releases Ismene banishing her from the land. Furthermore, the prophet Teiresias warned the king against defying the gods wishes to bury Polyneices and warning him of a tragedy. The events witnessed Theban citizens recite a chorus that reminded the king that the prophet had never been wrong and that, his ruling that he would lose his son would happen. He hurriedly changes his mind for fear of the misfortune and performs a proper burial ceremony to bury Polyneices body (Sophocles 9). On the attempt to free the imprisoned Antigone, he is too late to avoid tragedy and finds a dead prisoner bringing more sorrow in the death of his son who chose to stab himself. The heartbroken Creon returns to his palace to meet an added misfortune in the death of his queen Eurydice who, chose to kill herself on the news of her son’s death. The story teaches on poor leadership skills and the consequences of defying the wishes of the gods. Democracy in Athens The reek had been a barbaric tribe that had migrated from the European nation to Aegean in the quest for a new land. The interaction led to the integration of their traditions and those of the natives that they had encountered in the region. After settlement within the region, the individuals became influenced by Crete establishing an organized civilization by 1600B.C. known as Mycenaean civilization (Lewis 46). The Greeks adopted the trend from the Babylonians and Hittites to incorporate found civilization and practices to their own creating a different civilization form. Greek civilization had been created to present an organized system that had not failed to achieve organization. The states had been minute consisting of contained towns built at the center of a higher ground with temples created to present a civilization that defined the state. The Greek created fortress and temples that presented significant importance to the Greeks and a center of unity. The example was presented in Athens that had been termed the city of Athena the goddess who had been charged with the town and offered protection to the members. Democracy stretched in Greek to accord participation of all the members developing a term, polites in their language to define the citizens. The Greeks had been organized in city-states lacking a universal empire and protected through an extended land and sea. With the lack of an organized government, the states did not possess the value to employ professional forces that would offer the needed protection. Brave men who had chosen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Antigone by Sophocles
...?Visual Arts and Film Studies: Antigone by Sophocles. The ancient Greek play Antigone, written around 442 BC by the famous dramatist Sophocles, has become one of the world’s classics and has been widely published, performed and adapted in many languages and formats across the world. It is a memorable play, characterized by a background of death and destruction, and the strong figures of Antigone and Creon, who are locked in opposition over what is to be done with the dead body of Antigone’s brother Polyneices. Major themes like the duty of a statesman (Creon) to protect his citizens against traitors, the...
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...? Antigone Outline A) Introduction. B) Moal Dillema. C) The second burial. D) Conclusion. Foreword: This research paper investigates the tragedy Antigone by Sophocles in order to figure out the main idea of it. Thesis: Antigone is the blood sister of the killed brothers and she faces the moral dilemma. Weather to break the law or to stay a law-abiding citizen and leave her brother to have eternal sufferings. Antigone is an ancient Greek tragedy written by Sophocles in 442 BC. It is one of the tragedies belonging to three Theban plays. The plot gives an outline of the two opposing nations headed by blood...
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The Greek Tragedy Antigone by Sophocles
...—but I am a queen!” (Sophocles, p. 72). f. The catharsis occurs after Antigone kills herself and Creon faces karmic retribution for his actions. The play concludes, “Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness; and reverence towards the gods must be inviolate. Great words of prideful men are ever punished with great blows, and, in old age, teach the chastened to be wise” (Sophocles, p. 94). This notes the ending message and is critical of both Creon and Antigone. 3. The depth and complexity of SophoclesAntigone creates an extensive array of dramatic potentials. An interesting approach to assume would be to modernize the production. One...
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...deprived according to Ewart Gladstone. In fact, just like independence achievements during colonialism, he actually knows that getting it is through demanding it. They both understand that freedom fighting is life threatening but both of them indulge in it. Sophocles Antigone Plot Summary In Sophocles play of Antigone, it is a story of tragedy. The story is a continuation of the tale of Oedipus who after passing on, Antigone and her sister decide to return back home to Thebes. Their brothers had been prophesied to that they would kill each other in a struggle to control the kingdom of Thebes. Antigone and her sister decide to go back...
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...Task Sophocles Antigone Introduction Sophocles is the who presents heroism where Antigone, a female character is considered the hero in throughout this play. She serves as the first painstaking protester within the play. The performance of this play offers criticism to the government that was reigning at that period in an attempt to illustrate the unlawful dealings with the reigning government. The play is full of tragedy straight from the beginning where the father to the two sons learns that he has committed incest, by unknowingly getting married his own mother. The two sons then start fighting over kingship with the younger son, attaining kingship through force (Brian...
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Sophocles Antigone
...where I have overlooked them. Be no mistake that I recognize the need for safety but there are just those that seem superfluous and unnecessary. The general thought that comes to my mind is the ardent belief that I am doing the right thing and that I was not blinded by personal misconceptions and that fundamentally no one will be hurt. I imagine that people will actually benefit from my acts and others may perhaps be enlightened. I consider that I may not always be right but there are moments when I have to be in the right. In this regard, I identify more with Antigone who has sacrificed herself to uphold what she believes in and refuses to be subjected to any law from the oppressive Creon. Her refusal to be subdued...
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...Honor and Justice in the Homeric Iliad Number Honor and Justice in the Homeric Iliad The sophisticationof the Achaean Wall as presented by Homer is evident in the hidden meaning of the historical feature. Ancient readers and contemporary minds alike have been lured to the fine details of the phenomenon both its role in slowing the pace of the plot and its highly disorienting qualities. As Strabo airs his discontent at the timing of the efforts at building the wall, which is a decade into the war, raises some sense of disorganization on the builders, especially with regard to their proximity to Troy where they have been lying vulnerable for all that period of time. It is upon this Achaean Wall that the quest for honor and...
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...Greek Civilization The history of civilization in this world has a wealthy and interesting account. It is important to note that western civilization owes its much credit to ancient Greece. The Greek civilization was more organized among the other societies that existed. Ancient Greece is perhaps the only known civilization that brought about concept of democracy (Primary history, para 1). The people of ancient Greece valued their way of life, this made them very creative. The major thinkers that have existed in this world have roots in ancient Greece....
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...Greek Civilization Quote One The of this quote is Pericles about his writing on Athens. He is a 490-429 BC politician in Athens (Cheney, 132). He doubts if the world can really produce a solely independent individual and be comfortable. He claims that if this were so, many emergency cases would be realized because the man cannot do so many things at a go. He relates this case with the Athenian since according to the democracy of the Athens, the theme is ‘rule by the people’. His quote helps us comprehend the theme of liberalism and democracy. Quote Two This quote is written by Plato in his explanation about the Republic. This quote demystifies knowledge and education (Plato, 31). He argues for...
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...Theme of Rebellion and Obedience in the Play Antigone Rebellion Antigone by Sophocles is a play with very many different themes. The writer uses various Greek mythologies and literary elements to showcase numerous themes in the play. One of the dominant themes in the play is ‘Obedience and Rebellion’. The main antagonist, Creon and Antigone, the protagonist in the story, are embroiled in a series of rebellious and obedient deeds involving them and those who are close to them. The theme of rebellion can be seen through the following characters: Creon, Antigone, Haimon, Ismene, Polyneices and Eurydice. On the other hand, obedience as a...
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