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US Drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan to Put an Immediate End to the War - Research Paper Example

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Patrons of the nuclear bombings generally assert that they made the Japanese to stop further hostile activity therefore thwarting colossal damage (even bigger than the catastrophe of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) as well as fatalities on both sides…
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US Drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan to Put an Immediate End to the War
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"US Drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan to Put an Immediate End to the War"

Download file to see previous pages The emotions were not confined to slogans only; the Japanese military had already issued the order to execute all Allied prisoners if there was an invasion (Jowett & Andrew, 2002). Finally, Anami's debates were overpowered when Emperor Hirohito directly asked to end the war himself (Toland & John, 1982). People who slant the decision of nuclear bombings are well in numbers.
Among them are numerous US military leaders as well as ex-president Herbert Hoover. And they move for the notion that the nuclear bombing was simply an addition to an already violent bombing campaign (Wilson, 2007).  The bombing campaign along with the sea blockade and the downfall of Germany (with its effects regarding relocation of troops), would also have brought Japanese administration to surrender, therefore proving that the atomic bombings were unnecessary from a strategic point of view. On the opposing side Kyoko Iriye Selden stated; "The most influential text is Truman's 1955 Memoirs, which states that the atomic bomb probably saved half a million US lives— anticipated casualties in an Allied invasion of Japan planned for November. Stimson subsequently talked of saving one million US casualties, and Churchill of saving one million American and half that number of British lives" (Selden, 1989). In one sentence, the US dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan to put an instant end to World War II. The USA was intending to conquer Japan to placate it. Iwo Jima and Okinawa in particular, were unfathomably blood-spattered skirmishes. Japan didn’t care for its own citizens' lives and intended to transform their whole island into a battle fort. It was assessed that fatalities would be 1 million Americans and 500,000 British in the just the first invasion. Some skeptics say that it was used it to scare USSR as well, but there is no denying that they overlooked the final warning on 27 July 1945 after suffering the worst regular bombs could do. Debate rests that ‘The Bomb’ actually saved Japanese and allied lives. The Allies asked for absolute capitulation of the Axis. The Allies, commanded by the United States, pushed back the Japanese expansion one island after another in the Pacific. When Guam was captured, the Allies had strong barracks from which they would start the assault. The assessment of American losses for an invasion of Japan was over 1 million US citizens and soldiers, or perhaps, over 2 million Americans. The United States dropped down two atom bombs to save US citizens and accelerate the end of the war. Before dropping the atomic bomb, Japan was given warnings to surrender or suffer dire penalties. But the government of Japan put aside the warnings. While the use of nuclear bomb was a tactical and warfare turning point in both the WWII and all future political actions, there were more people slain, mutilated, and incapacitated during the Tokyo firebombing campaigns than when the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This act was done to lure Japan to submit without further hostile actions. And in fact Japan did surrender speedily therefore saving almost 100,000 American soldiers and possibly over 1,000,000 Japanese who would have perished if the US had waged a conventional attack on Japan. The Allies engaged atomic weaponries to hit Japan so that it won’t get up too soon. The Japanese were invading the US soil and that US had every right to defend itself. A fight-back from the US was inevitable. This argument can take any form and shape. For instance, if the US had been invading Japan, every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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US Drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan to Put an Immediate End to the War Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1448566-us-drop-the-atomic-bombs-on-japan-to-put-an.
“US Drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan to Put an Immediate End to the War Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1448566-us-drop-the-atomic-bombs-on-japan-to-put-an.
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Events that lead to the atomic bombings in Japan during the world war II
The controversial events are made possible by the development of the atomic bomb via the Manhattan Project, where many scientists collaborated in its development (Gosling 14). Also, the impending need to end the war as quickly as possible added to the reasons to the creation and the use of the atomic bomb (Wainstock 164).
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Pearl Harbor: USA Enters WWS and Nuclear war in Japan
Pearl Harbor incident has been the most significant and controversial war attack incident in the history of United States.
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To What Extent Was Truman's Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb Justified
President Truman was the first person to authorize their use following Japan's hesitation in surrendering; japan had rejected the United States’ terms of surrender. The Japanese wanted to retain emperor Hirohito, and retain their ability to wage war, as opposed to the United States requirement that required surrender of the emperor, and denied japan its ability to participate in any form of military combat.
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US Dropping of Two Atomic Bombs on Japan
US Dropping of Two Atomic Bombs on Japan The bombings led to devastating momentous and long lasting negative effects both on the people and the environment. Over time, there have been serious debates as to whether the US was justified to drop the two bombs in Japan and whether the Potsdam Declaration was intended to be acceptable without the use of nuclear weapons.
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Atomic Bombing of Japan
World War II is remembered for different reasons. Hitler, Mussolini, and Atomic Bombs are the reasons, which stands out and world still remember the role these reasons had played. Atomic Bomb ended the war and started a new era.
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Truman's Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb
Truman's conversations about the bomb were not about society's expectations, but rather on the post conventional thought that dealt with "...the effects of the use of the bomb, not [...] whether it ought to be used".1 The decision to use atomic bombs against Japan was influenced by several factors that are relevant to Kohlberg's stage 5 on the moral development scale.
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Atomic Bomb
 Takaki explores the motivation behind the bombings in the context of race and the moral dimension of the act and extracts evidence from top-secret military reports, letters and diaries. The Most Controversial Decision: Truman, the Atomic Bombs, and the Defeat of Japan by Wilson D.
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Trumans Decision regarding the Atomic Bombs
According to Truman he made this decision to save the lives of thousands and thousands of American men by forcing Japan to surrender. Although debates run high even after six decades concerning the use of nuclear weapons that killed and mutilated millions of Japanese, the outcome was what the Americans wanted which is the end of WWII.
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Why did World War II END the way it did
On this note, the war led to major economic and social effects in the whole world and its ending was a relief to many. However, a myriad of factors have over the years been pointed as the main ways through which the war ended. One notable cause of the world war ending the way it did was the atomic bomb attack on Japan, which ultimately defined the means that ended the war.
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Was it right or wrong to use two atomic bombs on Japanese cities in 1945 Why
Further, even if it is assumed that the first bomb dropped on Hiroshima was necessary and justifiable, was the second bomb on Nagasaki
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