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Economies and social structure of New England. The British-American conflict - Essay Example

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The traditional culture of Chesapeake was disrupted and inhibited by the African slaves who later developed a distinct culture in the region (Nellis 208). On the contrast, New England was flourishing and characterized by healthy and extended life spans, established towns and churches, and favorable economic environment…
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Economies and social structure of New England. The British-American conflict
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"Economies and social structure of New England. The British-American conflict"

Download file to see previous pages In the Deep South, many slaves died of overwork and diseases (Nellis 210). Production in this region went down as there was a shortage of laborers to work. On the side of Chesapeake, slaves were able to reproduce naturally, and this led to abundant source of labor to the region especially on tobacco region (Boyer 54). As Deep South and Chesapeake tried to counter diseases and low quality life, New England way of life was advancing gradually. Its clean water and cool air played a part in ensuring a healthy way of life which to a greater extent added ten years to the average English life span (Boyer 56). Social structure of the New England was much centered on strong families. Most of the families in New England concentrated much on fishing and merchant shipping due rocky soil on their lands. New Englanders became resourceful and idealistic due to the fact that they experienced difficult lives (Boyer 58). Middle colonies were similar to New England only that the majority of the people in that region were farmers.
Similarities in Economies and social structure of New England, the Chesapeake/South and Middle colonies
On the other hand, there were some contexts shared by the south and New England. For example, culturally, the majorities of settlers were of English origin, spoke English, and practiced English traditions (Boyer 62). Although there were restrictions of religious practices, all the colonies allowed religion freedom, but so some extent. However, the New England was seen to be more stringent about it. In all the colonies, there was a representative assembly that was democratically elected by eligible voters. In all the colonies, the issue of hereditary aristocracy was not allowed (Nellis 214). There was a belief that social mobility enabled Americans to work hard and raise their standards of living. In all the colonies, men were made the leaders, and the English law gave them unlimited powers. However, in all the colonies, women were considered to be subordinate, with much of their activities limited within homesteads. They were not allowed to vie for political positions, and were entitled to limited rights (Boyer 68). The development of the British-American conflict At first, the conflict between the British and America was triggered by the financial costs of Anglo-French wars (Middlekauff 9). It was also evident that Britain viewed American lands viable for providing law materials to Britain, and in turn makes the colonies consumers of the British manufactured goods. The American colonists were persistent in trying to negotiate the controversial policies which challenged their principles with the British parliament. Lack and limited communication between England and America was another cause of the conflict (Middlekauff 14). Boats that sailed between London and in different colonial ports of America took too much time to take back information from England. This led to widening of the gap between Americans and the British. Another concern was the fact that some Americans who served the so-called “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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