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United States Power Versus The Roman Empire - Research Paper Example

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United States Power versus the Roman Empire The ancient Roman Empire and the United States share many similarities despite having existed in different epochs. Ancient Roman Empire was in authority from 509 BC to 476 AD. …
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United States Power Versus The Roman Empire
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Download file to see previous pages This is in regards to political influence and an outstanding system of government that made the empire to conquer and colonize the world. Although the United States is incomparable in geographical size to the ancient Roman Empire, its influence on global affair correspond to the area or region that was under the Roman Empire.
This essay investigates the similarities and differences between the ancient Roman Empire and the United States. The essay achieves its objective by comparing and contrasting political, economic, and military power of the two governments. The Roman Empire valued its military, and this made the empire to have the strongest military in the world. Similarly, the US has the strongest military in the world.
The US also has the largest budget allocation for its military similar to the budgetary allocation of the ancient Roman Empire. In the Roman Empire soldiers were the most respected class or citizens, they were given the best training, the finest equipment, and decent allowances (Benjamin 145). Although United States, have other professions that are beyond the military, US soldiers remain a respected class. In addition, the US military has the best training in the world that uses the latest technology and equipment. The Roman Empire had its military in almost every part of the world that was reachable during their time. Roman military invaded other kingdoms with the objective of conquering and expanding the Roman Empire. Although the US has never colonized any sovereign states, its military is in operation in almost every country in the world. The US military has bases in every continent and they are in operation in various countries around the globe. Currently, the US military has ongoing operations in almost every continent. The two governments use their political influence to maintain their authority around the globe. The US uses sophisticated political system that shares some characteristic with the Roman Empire political system. Conquering and colonizing other kingdoms was the main political strategy applied by the Roman Empire. The Romans conquered other kingdoms and forced them to pay royalties as a strategy of maintaining their influence. Although the US applies its military strength to maintain its influence around the globe, it carries its activities under the disguise of maintaining or establishing democracy. The US is also a major stakeholder in global organizations such as the UN and NATO (Felice 56). Through these organizations, the US is able to influence other governments around the world through the objectives and operations of these organizations. The US also uses its economic aid such as food aid and financing of development projects as a strategy of exercising it control over other countries. Attached to the aid given to different country are the economic sanctions that the US applies through major world institutions and organization such as the UN, World Bank and the IMF. Several countries depend on the United States for food aid. Such countries range from poor sub-Saharan states to wealth countries such as the North Korea. The military power and political influence of the two governments has its roots in their economic capabilities. Currently the US has the strongest economy in the world. Although there are speculations that the Chinese economy is overtaking the US economy, the economies of the two countries are still a great distance apart. The US dollar is acceptable in almost every country as a medium of exchange (Felice 221). Similarly, the Roman currency was acceptable in all regions that the empire had its influence. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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