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What were the Main Causes of the First World War - Essay Example

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The occurrence of massive disasterous events hatched by the mankind, don’t happen in fortnight, rather have an extended background behind them ,and various reasons become carpet for its execution and make them inevitable…
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What were the Main Causes of the First World War
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"What were the Main Causes of the First World War"

Download file to see previous pages Same was the case with World War One (W.W.1) that erupted in the beginning of 20th century and took the entire world in its fold, no continent was safe from it, and the major stakeholders were from nearly three continents. All the major events that took place in the history if traced back reveal that various long term reasons were behind them. Various factors contributed to the beginning of the fire, the military might, hostility towards each other, oppression of the weak, colonialism, race for resources, all these factors were building and in boiling for around twenty to thirty years and resulted in eruption of volcano in the name of World War One that lasted more than four years between 1914 and 1918 and had the entire world under its grip. This war changed the dynamics of happenings that were to take place in the coming years and decades of the century, and created new foes and new friends. Initially the rivalries were bi party and involved only two nations, two prime examples in this case can be seen as the rift that was going on between the Germans and French in 1870s(Howard, 2001), and Serbs and Austria-Hungry. Such small events and battles between the two nations result in providing a playground for large scale war which gives rise to battles that go beyond the borders of countries and engulf the continents ,similar case happened in case of World war one. More often than not it is seen that constitution of strategic alliances and groups result in further hostility of relations towards the other bench and such case was exhibited in World War One, though two strong entities were being established, yet they rather provided a medium for the two blocks to merge stand and operate against each other. A world war is termed as one that involves more than five super powers of that time, and enrolls two or more continents in its fire, World War One had the ingredients of both .The causes of a worldwide fire were building for many years, however there were few major events that became the reason for its opening and can be termed as the driving forces towards the launch. Initially known as the “Great war” .Primarily it involved Europe and its colonies but later extended its arms to America and Japan. A French politician once said, the large empire was important not only from trade point of view, but prestige as well. This was the kind of mind set in the late 19th and early 20th century. A battle for overseas territory was in offing between the European players, the battle was more for capturing the resources in those parts of the world that were neglected or had weak governance system and no protection means. One similar case that came to forefront in this regard was the dispute between the French and the Germans over the control of Morocco, this event took place in the early years of twentieth century. The 20th century was characterized by colonialism of the weak entities on the surface of earth and parts of Asia and Africa was being ruled by the dominant forces mostly from Europe in form of Great Britain, Germany and France. The colonies were ironically enriched with natural resources, strategic positioning, for that reason every strong nation fancied occupying a land (Sanderson, 2001).This created a rift between the strong and mighty. The colonialism was the exploitation of the poor and weak by the strong ones, those who saw it from outside and had some strength saw it as an opportunity to enter the battle. The Stake holders of the World war: Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungry, who were later joined by Bulgaria and Ottoman Empire Allies: Great Britain, France, Serbia, Russia and few others, Italy, Greece . French Sense of Nationalism: The atmosphere all around smelled that of nationalism and French nationalists also saw their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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If the First World War was the war to end all wars, why was there a Second World War so soon after the First
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The First World War
The war also provided a brilliant example of the danger involved in the uncontrolled use of modern devastating weapons for resolving contradictions that initially had non-military nature. Unfortunately, the current political developments across the globe suggest that this example remains topical even these days and should be strictly considered by modern policymakers: the Second World War convincingly demonstrated that even the most costly lessons often turn useless.
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The War memorials which now decorate most British towns are a lasting testament to the disaster which overtook many of those who signed up at the beginning of the war. By 1919, the numbers of widows below 45 was more than 10% of all widows, and over half were below the age of 651.
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Apart from these obvious impacts, the civilians are aloof from the effects of the hardcore frontline trench conditions, which are suffered by the Soldiers who therefore feel isolated from their civilian counterpart.
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