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Institution Date The Federalist paper #51 and American Politics The Federalist #51 consisted one of the Federal papers written by John Madison under the principles of Publius. The paper was written and published as guidance to the interpretation of American Constitution in 1788 to give directions on how the American government and political system shall be constituted…
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The federalist paper #51 and American Politics
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"The federalist paper #51 and American Politics"

Download file to see previous pages The political system was proposed to constitute the Office of Federal President, Office of the Federal Vice President and Congress made up of Senates and House of Representatives. Powers were divided across the political system to hinder one level of the political system to make decisions without others’ approval and consent. Government system was also divided to comprise executive, legislature and judiciary. Now, to avoid over allegiance of judiciary to the executive, Federal paper #51 provided room for public to elect the qualified Federal judges in all states of America. Also, to avoid dependence and subjection of the judges by the mercies of the public, not all citizens were allowed to vote but just a section of the members of a state. According to Janda and Goldman, Judges were also set to serve under permanent basis upon successful election to the judiciary (34). Federal paper #51 also ensured that members of particular branch of government depended on other branches for compensation, and this was destined to introduce some degree of independence on the operations of the arms of government. Federalist paper #51 made it difficult up to date for any arm of government to perform functions or exercise powers outside the constitution framing. To enhance this, the Federalist paper#51 ensured that the constitution gives each branch of government tools and personal momentum to avert usurpation of power by the other (Janda, Goldman and Hula 10). The Federalist paper #51 also defined the role of government to the people of the US and vice versa. In the paper, government reflected the image of the nation and was obligated to respect human rights. Citizens were also set to obey the government and for this reason, security measures were set to protect the government from maltreating the citizens and later from mishandling or subjugating the government. This is the main reason why the American government does not make decisions that deteriorate human rights and that the public will also have no direct liberty to seek for the impeachment of executive thought to underperform (Janda and Goldman 6). The Federalist paper #51 provided the way to shape the American government as it gave balanced constitutional powers to all levels of the government and ensured that every action by the members of a given level fully reflect the interest of the public. Every level of government was also given the opportunity to dispute actions of members at the other levels in case the actions go against public interest. Executive has powers to censure judiciary but will only succeed upon justification by the legislature (Janda and Goldman 18). Legislature also has certain powers to present and pass bills but the success must rely on the Presidential signature with thorough speculation of the public interest. In order to protect the executive from the immense mercy of the legislature, Federalist paper #51 proposed for the division of the congress into Senate and House of Representatives. Decisions or bill made by either divisions of the Congress relied on the approval of the other division before being forwarded to the president. However, the paper also provided circumstances where the Senate could work directly with the executive without necessarily seeking the participation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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