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Republicans vs. Democrats: Compare and Contrast - Research Paper Example

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Republican and Democratic Parties Name University Republican and Democratic Parties The two primary political parties functioning in the United States for over centuries now are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party is the oldest as well as currently, the largest political party of the United States…
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Republicans vs. Democrats: Compare and Contrast
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Download file to see previous pages It is the second oldest party of the country with ideology based on Conservatism. The party came into limelight when Abraham Lincoln overwhelmingly won the elections of 1860, to become the first Republican President of the United States of America. Currently it is the second largest party of the United States. Though other political parties such as Green Party and Constitution Party are trivially represented at the state and federal ranks, the political party system of the United States largely remains a two-party system dominated by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Consequently, the two main political parties utilized in the US government system are the Republican and the Democratic parties (Vile, 2007). With Democratic Party being a firm believer in Liberalism and Republican Party considering Conservatism to be its core value, differences are bound to be present between the two parties in most of the spheres. One such major difference exists with regard to the manner in which the two parties view the roles of the government and the people. The Democratic Party believes in a big national level government which looks after the overall welfare of the people, regardless of personal interests. One of the core values underlying this belief of the Democratic Party is equality. ...
Another similar view of the Democrats in this regard is that people need protection, guidance and support from the government. In their view, people cannot look after themselves and thus, it becomes binding on the government to sustain welfare in the country by establishing support programs in the areas of education, medicine and commerce. On the other hand, the Republicans strictly believe in smaller governments based on state level rather than large federal level governments. The Republicans do not place much importance on the principles of equality and general welfare; instead, they consider economic equity to be the pillar of a strong nation. While strongly rejecting the notion of government interference in the affairs of the people, they consider people to be the ultimate source of ideas. The Republicans advocate in favour of property rights than welfare rights, regarding people to be strong enough to look after themselves (Fried, 2008). The Amendment II of the United States Constitution upholds the right of the individuals to possess weapons for their self-defence. Democrats have never been in favour of the Second Amendment, viewing it as an offensive tool of aggression. Their policy has always been stricter gun control. In the view of the Democrats, Amendment II has proliferated gun culture in the United States over the years, causing a very unpleasant impact on the social conditions of the country, promoting street crimes, robberies and murders. They advocate that legislations should be passed restricting the rights of the individuals to keep arms. The justification behind their vision is that it is the duty of the armed forces of the country to shield the lives and belongings of the society. In contrast, the Republicans are staunch supporters of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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