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Conferences in Cairo and Teheran in 1943 - Research Paper Example

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CONFERENCES IN CAIRO AND TEHERAN IN 1943 Name Conferences in Cairo and Teheran in 1943 The conference of Cairo and Teheran took place in the year 1943 during World War II. The Cairo Conference occurred between November 22 and 26 in Cairo, Egypt…
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Conferences in Cairo and Teheran in 1943
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Download file to see previous pages This time Joseph Stalin of Soviet Union joined the meeting and hence it is considered to be the first conference between the Big Three1. It immediately followed the Cairo Conference and was held during November 28 and December 1, 1943 in Teheran, Iran. This meeting focused on the opening of the second front in Western Europe and finalized the stratagem for the war against Nazi Germany and its allies2. The purpose of this paper is to attempt a close study of the conferences held in Cairo and Teheran in order to evaluate the larger picture of the World War situation. It is through revisiting these conferences that one can properly assess and analyze the occurrences that led to the world war. The main purpose of the argument at both the conferences in Cairo and Teheran was the act and measures taken by the U.S. and the U.K. regarding the Overlord and the Mediterranean invasion, for which they needed support3. The U.S. leaders were keen on grabbing the opportunity to attack from the northwest, which was the Overlord from which the British seemed to withdraw. What mainly came into conflict between the core parties was whether to postpone the Overlord operation to proceed with the eastern invasion of Mediterranean during the war. This decision depended upon the availability of landing craft which was provided by the United States, called the Landing Ship Tank (LST). There were almost 139 of these, headed towards the Mediterranean and 67 allocated to the United Kingdom for the Overlord right after the Italian campaign was finished4. The Cairo-Teheran Conferences allow the historians to analyze and develop a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the cross-channel invasion which was resisted by both Stalin and Roosevelt for different reasons. One can get a closer look at the real intentions of the American ideas and suspicions towards their ally5. The Cairo Conference led to the defeat of Japan and eventually the Cold War was aggravated in East Asia. Hence, the meeting was significant in relation to the bond developed between the Great Britain, the United States and China. The conference took its official start by Generalissimo demanding a fixed amount for military equipment for the South East Asia Command operations. The Generalissimo reasserted the demand of providing 10,000 of tonnage per month expressing the need to Mountbatten irrespective of his own demands. In a series of meetings in Cairo other demands were heard and possible solutions were derived. General Eisenhower the Allies Supreme Commander laid stress on the significance of “maximum possible operations” in the existing scenario because a new base would take up a lot of time6. These were some of the major demands that were placed in the conference and these demands had an impact on the overall result of the conference. The same can be said about the Teheran collaborations of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. But there was a clash of cultures as the decisions were finalized at a high level and Heiferman writes, “Summit conferences may make for good theater, but do not necessarily result in good policies, as an examination of the Cairo Conference reveals.”7 Heiferman reasserts that the conferences were a mixture of contradictory agendas due to differences in culture and various stereotypes and myths about realities. China’s inclusion in the Cairo conference was primarily Roosevelt’s concern. He gave Chiang the impression that he would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Conferences in Cairo and Teheran in 1943 Research Paper.
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