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Freedom from Want In the mid-twentieth century, African Americans were at the peak of their resistance to racism. It was a call to transform the world from social and economic evils. Prior to that, the social and economic ravages were deep rooted and encompassing the community because of Jim Crow era racism…
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Freedom from Want Essay
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"Freedom from Want"

Download file to see previous pages The white power had been innovative and persuasive, thus fighting its principles of racism and economic disempowerment of the African American required improvised and unrelenting tactics and strategies. What we currently refer to as the Civil Rights Movement was in actual sense a struggle, or “a battleground between slavery and liberty”, for freedom and liberty by the African Americans, extending beyond the simple objectives of advocating for legal rights. Some of the actions involved in the fight for freedom ranged from mass action protests and boycotts to armed self-defense. Racial freedom was in the air, so was economic independence and security (Gresser 32). The African Americans were tired of enduring a physical, economical, and social setup enforced by the white supremacy in the country’s policies. The political and social policies of Jim Crow of segregating public facilities ensured that all social amenities were unequal and different, form restrooms to gravesites. Despite the Great Migration that brought around six million blacks into industrial center in the Northern and Southern urban, the African Americans were still contained to domestic and retail works, and even those who found their way to industries were locked out of unions. The Second World War was a helping hand for the economy of the US to recover from the Great Depression of the late 1920s. Africans Americans were on the margins of prosperity, as the federal defense had not desegregated the armed forces, jobs, and housing. The blacks were now in an unfamiliar position, between the European imperialism, American white supremacy, and the Nazi racism. This led to protest by the blacks and a threat by the president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (BSCP) Philip Randolph to lead a 100,000 people March on Washington Movement if industrial desegregation was not effected. President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed the Executive Order 8802 creating a Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC), which triggered the postponement of the march. Black organization, notably the National Negro Congress, the BSCP, and the MOWM joined labor unions and politicians to present economic issues to the statehouse demanding equal rights to social benefits of the New Deal (Gresser 59). At around the same time, President Roosevelt had delivered a speech proclaiming the four freedoms: worship, want, fear, and speech and expression. The African Americans were challenging the freedom from want citing that ghettos were present in Berlin, as well as Boston. The Cold War was a challenge to the US as communist enemies like the Soviet Union constantly challenged the self-proclaimed status of America as a “Leader of the Free world” yet had anti-black racism. Racism was one of the major causes of African American poverty, and the fight for freedom by the Civil Movement ensured that the dream by President Roosevelt to establish a freedom from want was achievable, at least to some degree. The American labor movements began in 1869 with the formation of the Order of the Knights of Labor led by Terence V. Powderly, a Pennsylvanian machinist. The purpose of the Knight Union was to negation power for all American workers through unions. Blacks joined the union later. From the pressure of the labor movement ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The international covenant on civil and political rights (ICCPR) recognizes the freedom of expression as to having right to holding opinions without interference. The right to speech and expression is related to other rights and it is always limited when in conflict with other rights.
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As a result the clamor and demands for “individuality” is causing researchers and social scientists to re-examine the layers of the human social experience and how it relates to society’s current structure. Personal Freedom a relatively “new” invention is a phrase that has the preconceived attributes of rights, liberty, “freedom,” and social mobility.
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Thus, Americans see freedom as the most essential ingredient in human life, both socially and politically. Tracing the American history of freedom, it can be seen that while the white Americans have faced problems in America under British colonization, Black Americans remained imprisoned in the name of slavery, denied of all rights.
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