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Problems Faced by Asian-Americans from 1965-Todate - Essay Example

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Problems Faced by Asian-Americans from 1965-Todate People move from place to place or from one country to another in search of better opportunities, better lifestyle and growth. This relocation from one place to another is known as migration. There are some other factors as well that influence people to migrate from one place to another such as climatic conditions, jobs, education, political situation in one’s country and many more…
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Problems Faced by Asian-Americans from 1965-Todate
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"Problems Faced by Asian-Americans from 1965-Todate"

Download file to see previous pages Such experiences of immigrants are well described by Ronald Takaki in his book “A History of Asian Americans: Strangers from the Different Shore.” Ronald Takaki has significantly highlighted the various problems and the difficulties that are faced by many Asian American immigrants in America. In his book, Ronald Takaki has addressed all the problems that are faced by many Asian American immigrants when they come to America in search of better jobs and better life. This book explores their difficulties and struggle in achieving the better opportunities and then finally adjusting themselves in American culture by adopting their ways, culture, norms and value. It is a known fact that Asian ethnic groups are faced with many difficulties and problems in America. Different people from China, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Philippine, Pakistan and Korea fall under Asian ethnic group. Main Problems Faced by Asian Americans: Asian Americans are faced with many problems and difficulties in America. ...
ian groups have been living and settled in America for over 150 years and it is obvious to see that they have adopted the American culture but still today they are considered as minority groups in the country. Americans consider them “Foreign” and they are given little or no respect at all. White people consider them no less than aliens who have invaded their land because of their non-European features and lifestyle. Ronald Takaki has also highlighted the ignorance of American Historians in recognizing the contributions of these Asians in the western society, particularly in America. According to Ronald Takaki, Asians were deprived of their basic rights in the country. They were forced to do jobs on lowest-labor costs which closed the doors of getting better jobs in order to acquire better lifestyle. Chinese were the first ones to enter in America; followed by Japanese and other Asian groups. However, Chinese were forced into lowest-paying jobs; they were insulted and beaten by the local people and were deprived of basic rights. Here we cannot ignore the contributions made by Chinese in the construction of railroad in mainland and at Hawaii sugar plantations. Americans considered Chinese and Japanese as Foreigners. Chinese, Japanese and Korean women were barred to enter in the country which was an attempt to prevent the formation of their families and to limit their population in the country. Americans or the Whites had adopted the hostile attitude towards them, they were ill-treated by them and they were prevented to own any land or property in America. They were not allowed to cast their vote due to racial discrimination and hostile attitude of Americans towards Asians. Racial discrimination, lowest-paying jobs and prejudice are the three major problems that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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