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Is Freedom of Speech Really Free - Essay Example

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[Your full name] November 22, 2011 Is Freedom of Speech Really Free? It is the birth right of every human being to enjoy freedom of speech. The right to say and print whatsoever we wish to express is one of the basic rights that guarantee our respectable living as citizens of a country…
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Is Freedom of Speech Really Free
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"Is Freedom of Speech Really Free"

Download file to see previous pages Kersch (2003, p.2) writes that, “American’s belief that freedom of speech is part of their national birthright, a birthright that sets the United States above other nations, has been a constant throughout U.S. history, as many foreign visitors have observed. But the scope of that freedom has shifted radically over the course of U.S. history.” This is a very sad and eye-opening statement which can better be understood after reading the following incident. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, delivered a speech recently in Washington, D.C. regarding the disappointment she was having in foreign leaders about respecting people’s freedom. Ray McGovern, who was a former CIA employee and a peace activist, attempted to make a protest against Hillary’s speech. He was put to silence after guards grabbed him; pulled him off cruelly; abused and double-cuffed him with metal handcuffs; and put him in jail, bleeding. Ray was abused because he opened his mouth while the Secretary of State was strongly assuring the citizens about the freedom of expression, in her speech. Ray shouted, “So, this is America?” while the cops dragged him away. The video footage can be seen on YouTube and the report by O’Connor (2011) can be read online. Is this the freedom of speech that our politicians guarantee us when they take our votes? This is nothing other than mere hypocrisy. Brad O’Leary’s book, Shut Up America!: The End of Free Speech, (2009) has beautifully explained that restrictions on freedom of thought and expression is very dangerous for our sustainability as a nation. He writes that, “In the 2008, Presidential Election, Congress issued no complaints about the content of television and print coverage of the race for the White House. But today’s congressional leaders want to punish talk radio for its critical coverage of television and print media bias” (p. ix). He asserts that today we do not enjoy free expression of ideas. A specific agenda is always forced on us making us believe that we are so unenlightened and provincial that we cannot understand our own good. They make us believe that we are not smart enough to be able to understand the difference between biased ideas and agendas and we cannot sort out things ourselves. We are told that we cannot form good opinions without their support, so we have to adopt their ideas and perspective to survive freely. “This group sees Americans as petulant children who refuse to eat their vegetables, and their solution is to forcefeed us what we clearly and definitely have rejected”, asserts O’Leary. A University of Florida student named Andrew Meyer asked some questions of Senator John Kerry in 2007 during a forum. He was constantly and excitedly trying to ask Kerry why he approved the 2004 election even after numerous reports of disenfranchisement of black voters and pre-prepared electronic-voting machines. Meyer was thought of being impolite and obnoxious. The police attacked him and eventually forced him to submit after Tasering him (FOXNews, 2007). Tasering means applying electric shock by means of a weapon which is used by police to control suspects. In the YouTube video, Meyer can be heard howling with pain, "Don't Tase me, bro, don't Tase me". What does this incident tell us about the freedom of speech? Is it really free? Certainly not. We can no more raise our voices. We cannot ask questions of our officials. We cannot say that we are not satisfied. We ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stanley Fish's Free-Speech Follies
The First Amendment involves expressing one’s own idea freely while taking responsibility about what has been said. As shown by Stanley Fish, one good example of a true First Amendment hero is a basketball player who turned her back on the flag during the singing of the national anthem to protest against government policies.
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The U.N fights for Internet rights by declaring them as a human right for the universe to be able to access basic information and communication services (Hayes 98). Use of Internet around the world has grown rapidly due to the market saturation and growth of industrialized countries.
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Freedom of Speech and a Free Government

The author states that the concept of free speech must be guarded for all times and for many different reasons.  The very existence of our self-governance is based on our ability to speak freely about almost anything we would care to address. Free speech allows a person the autonomy of being one in search of whatever his idea of truth might be.

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However, when we recall that both Goebbels and Stalin were in favor of freedom of speech we should consider the complexity of the debate. Nevertheless, our essay will not claim to cover all the different aspects of such a difficult and rich subject. We will focus on a few examples of music and songs that supposedly encouraged its audience to commit tragic acts.
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According to Boss (2009), fighting words are words whose utterance has the effect of either inciting the immediate breach of peace or the infliction of injury. Fighting words are usually employed in the conveyance of visceral and direct contempt or
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