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Age of enlightment - Essay Example

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The second treatise of local government The author in this article conveys that man by nature is free and has no obligation to subject to anybody’s will. He neglects the idea of government and the punishment imposed by religious concepts…
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Age of enlightment
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"Age of enlightment"

Download file to see previous pages The second treatise of local government The author in this article conveys that man by nature is free and has no obligation to subject to anybody’s will. He neglects the idea of government and the punishment imposed by religious concepts.The author suggests that human being belonging to same species should not be subjected to discrimination and slavery but to equal freedom. Adam smith – Wealth of nations The author in this book explains about the feudalism and beurecracy existed during the industrial revolution of Europe. He beloved that feudalism spreading in Europe could hinder the industrial growth and only thing could save it is socialism. He believes that development is due to the specialization of labor and this only can give material well being. He mentions that self love is the reason for prosperity in man which is a nature only found in human beings. He claims that market is a place where individual co -operates with each other and where the talents of individuals are shared for material benefit. His theory says that the value of a thing sold in a market is the proportion of labor put in the making o f it and brought into the market. Comparison of Locke and Adam theory The similarity in both Locke and Adam’s proposition is that both believe in the human rights of people. They believed in the labor of the human beings and the value attached to it and right attached to it. Both these authors were in support of the laborers and working men. Both the authors talk about the discrimination of government towards the poor and needy. They both talk about property of nature and the law of nature. Locke suggests that “Adam and Eve, and after them all parents were, by the law of nature, under an obligation to preserve, nourish and educate the children, they had begotten”. In a way, both favor socialism and equal distribution of power, property and right to people. They demand that it in natural state, people have the right to do what they wanted to and in any case should not be subjected to slavery. Natural liberty was central theme to both of their writing. Locke claims that the government is formed in order to protect the property and Adam smith also talks about labor and property that is wealth of nation. Both the authors believe in a market which works freely and without any discrimination. Smith believed that society functioned in a capitalist way and mostly wants to exploit the laborers and working class. Smith mentions that “There is no art which one government sooner learns of another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people”. Smith claims that property is the effort of working class and same is said by Locks that property is labor mixed with an object. Both of them emphasize less on a government who disregard human rights and interests of common men. Contrast between Locke and Smith theory Locke mainly discuss about a community where individuals have free interest and acquired natural freedom. He mainly focuses on human rights and property .On the other hand Adam Smith focuses on labor and its value and on the division of labor. According to Smith “In general, if any branch of trade, or any division of labor, be advantageous to the public, the freer and more general the competition, it will always be the more so”. Locke mainly mentions about the Government and their abusive way of governing the people. According to Locke “The legislature acts against the trust reposed in them, when they endeavor to invade the property of the subject, and to make themselves, or any part of the community, masters, or arbitrary disposers of the lives, liberties or fortunes of the people” He claims that instead of representing the people, government represent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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