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Martin Luther King - Essay Example

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Martin Luther was an amazingly forward thinking person who was brave enough to challenge some of the fundamental precepts of the Catholic Church. His 95 Theses were a document he nailed to his church’s door in order to spark public debate, mostly surrounding the sale of indulgences and the Church’s ability to free people from purgatory…
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Martin Luther King
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"Martin Luther King"

Download file to see previous pages The fundamental thing Luther addressed in his Theses was the sale of indulgences, something that posed a significant amount of theological problems. Indulgences were essentially a fundraising tool used by the Church in times of financial need, forgiving people for past (or in some cases future) minor sins in return for their coin. Religious leaders made it very clear that these only affected minor sins, and thus would shorten someone’s time in purgatory (a very painful realm between heaven and hell that people entered to purge them of their sins, according to Catholic thinking of the time) but not save them from serious sins that would put them in hell. Many people had a problem with the sale of indulgences, and they were widely unpopular in parts of Northern Europe among the laity. As Luther points out in his Theses, there are a wide array of theological problems with the sale of indulgences. One of the biggest problems that Luther had with indulgences is that they pervert the worshiper’s relationship with god and with the church. ...
use of money than giving money to the already overly rich Church, and that indulgences inhibited people from giving to those in need, which they saw as only possibly granting salvation, as opposed to giving money to the Church to buy indulgences, which would definitely grant them a reprieve from a particular sin. Essentially, Luther wants to address a wide array of problems caused by the sale of indulgences. The first thing he makes sure is that people know that they need to support those around them before spending money on indulgences, and that mercy towards those around them is more holy than helping the Church build a new basilica. This solves the problem of people neglecting charity in order to support the opulent church. Furthermore, Luther insists that people must financially care for themselves and their family before even thinking of buying indulgences. The fact that he includes this provision in his Theses seems to indicate that some people were neglecting their family and their wellbeing, possibly putting indulgences before essentials like food and housing in order to supposedly ensure a shorter time in purgatory. These two provisions are meant to address real-world, practical problems with the sale of indulgences that Luther seems to be facing on a day to day basis in his church. In addition to tackling these practical real world problems, Luther makes some significant challenges to classical Churchly authority in the field of theology. Probably his most inflammatory statement is that people are their own priests. In saying this, Luther, a priest himself, does not mean to underestimate the amazing benefit having a priest, with their specialized knowledge and training (and ability to perform sacraments), but rather to emphasize the personal relationship with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Martin luther king Jr
After this point a few examples of laws that I personally believe are morally wrong. As a final point I will discuss how justified I would be on breaking these laws and if I would be prepared (As King was) to pay the penalties demanded of one who breaks the law?
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Martin Luther King
It all started when Martin Luther King accepted the pastorale of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Always a strong worker for civil rights for members of his race, King was, by that time, a member of the executive committee of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the leading organization of its kind in the nation.
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Martin Luther King
As you mention in your letter, you are responding directly to the criticisms that these ministers, mostly white, levied against you. They called your actions
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e blacks in America were promised their rights in the name of “Emancipation Proclamation”, but according to Martin Luther King, they were not given any thing that they were promised. They still wallowed in ugly slums demean life and cruelty and discrimination. So Luther King
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Martin Luther King
King was not only a person with whom the local African American community could share an understanding with; he was also in tune with how to communicate with the greater and wider population of America. His use of language and speech enabled him to move crowds and even lead some to second judge their concepts of the world.
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Martin Luther King jr
Of more significance, key advocators of social justice not only receive recognition but also leave behind legacies cherished for long time. In this regard, Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most memorable social justice propagators in the U.S. Martin Luther King
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Martin luther king paper
However, Martin Luther used demonstrations, protests, and marches as a way of exposing America’s ills instead of letting shame and guilt consume her. Luther specifically offered individuated culture as the course towards healing and
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Dr. Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King became the first individual to use nonviolent methods to achieve social change. Through his charisma and public speaking techniques, he was determined to bring equality to all races despite the risks associated with the fight.  He won the Nobel Peace prize in 1964, and he was the man of the year in 1964.
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Martin Luther King Jr
answers to the questions, but one thing is for sure; there exists no true definition of a leader, unless one perfectly examines a particular leader of their interest and come to a conclusion as per their qualities. In order to find the response of a true leader with all these
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Martin Luther King, Jr
In this speech he used various methods of persuasion in order to persuade the government to provide the African American society with their civil rights and to encourage the African American population
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