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Name Instructor Task Date Salem Witch Trial The book principally analyses medical explanations of bewitchment, a contentious topic that many writers differ with in their explanations. Medical bewitchments were carried out during Salem Witch Trials since in the present world not many people believe that symptoms of those causing suffering were purely caused by bewitchment…
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Salem Witch Trial
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"Salem Witch Trial"

In this paper, I will discuss two pieces touching on the Salem Witch Trial, compare them, and give my opinion. In 1989, Mary Matossian wrote poisons of the past, in which she was clarifying a matter which was earlier done by a graduate student who was claiming that hallucinations caused by a girl who had consumed bread made from rye grain was suffering from indigestion. The graduate author claimed that the bread was affected by fungus (ergot) that resulted in her suffering. Flaws in this hypothesis were found when a journal published by Spannos and Gottleb performed a wider assessment on the matter. They disagreed with the assertion, claiming that ergot poisoning has extra symptoms than those displayed by the affected girl. In addition, it was concluded that if the poison was in the entire supply, then other people in the community should have been affected. Biological symptoms normally stop under intervention of medical controls. These historians disagreed with the biological evidence (Spanos & Gottlieb). The evident strength of this hypothesis is that the symptoms can biologically be proven and identified in the lab, unlike the historical evidences. Mary researched that the rye grain was infected with fungus, which were responsible for the indigestion caused to the girl. Scientifically Ergot of the Rye is a plant malady caused by a fungus that was responsible for the ingestion in her stomach. This article has changed my thinking of witchcraft, which I thought was so much traditional but now I do believe in facts because the symptoms alleged can be proven in the laboratories. In words that moved a nation, there is a village, Salem, in a country known as Essex. This town was made up of farmers who depended on the farm produce for their living. They had their own church, the Pariton Church, in which their faith was founded. The church had the belief that its only god who decided where one was born a group of merchants emerged who lived in Salem town. The Salem town and the Salem village had two economic backgrounds that started being jealous of each other. During one time, a group of adolescence girls fell sick with a certain outlandish disease (Caporael). The weaknesses of this article are evident in the way that the causes of the events were mental illness such as mass hysteria, mass hypnosis or even delusions. This study was carried out by researchers who scrutinized the cause of the affected adolescent girls. The girls mainly experienced hysteria as their symptoms fits well to the disease. However, this theory is questionable since not everybody got the disease (Beard). This is contradictory because the disease had infected all the girls. For other people in the vicinity of Salem to contract the disease is unlikely; therefore, the theory is weak. Salem inhabitants also wanted to do away with the merchants, and that is why the strange illness that they were not recognized in Salem, hence concluding that the sudden disease was caused by witchcraft. Some accusers were jealous and wanted to take the chattels of the accused and their position. This article is made weak by confessions of some believers like Ann Putnam junior in 1907 who confessed of having accused some people of having committed some crime that had no foundations. She claimed that the accusations were done merely out of ignorance. Strengths of this theory include the belief of the people of Salem to a Read More
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