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Discuss the changes to the American presidency during the terms of Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson - Essay Example

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Introduction The changes in the American presidency brought about by the three first Presidents of the twentieth century were enormous for the future development of the political thought in the country. In this respect Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson followed the idea of increasing the influence of the executive branch of power…
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Discuss the changes to the American presidency during the terms of Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson
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"Discuss the changes to the American presidency during the terms of Theodore Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson"

Download file to see previous pages The question is that since the Civil War through the very start of the twentieth century, the US Congress was the ultimate bearer of the seat of power (Miller Center 1). Thus, his expansion of the power was a focal point of his presidency. It was an enormous change in the democratic practice of the United States making the President the main figure fulfilled with the governmental power. Roosevelt is also well-known for his progressivism in dealing with the business and political structures throughout the country. His zeal toward reformation of the US performance in the world arena made him an outspoken peacemaker, as he negotiated on the Russo-Japanese end of war and was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize respectively (Benson 7). However, another great contribution of Roosevelt is his devotion to the nature. In this respect he was driven by the need to conserve the natural resources as the most precious thing of the human-centered environment admitting the following statement: “As I have said elsewhere, conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve this problem it will avail little to solve all others” (Cited in Benson 7). ...
Being a follower of Roosevelt’s course of reforms, he took the lesson of peaceful manifestation on the part of the US government toward the nation and to the world on the whole. By the way, he initiated the adoption of the Civil-Service Reform which will “secure a larger wisdom in the adoption of policies” (Taft 131). It was really crucial for giving the nation a “refreshed” breath of air. Along with the strengthening of the Interstate Commerce Commission, he established Postal Savings Bank System (Taft 131). Thus, he paid more attention to the financial and consumer-related issues throughout the country. Moreover, due to his efforts to somehow relieve the taxation policies in the country, he could improve on the creation of the Sixteenth Amendment which “authorized the collection of federal income taxes, which could be collected largely from the wealthy” (Armstrong 187). It was a trust-busting progressive hit against the former tariff-centered income taxes policy. Thus, in his progressive looks at the national economy, Taft was a peculiar follower of Roosevelt regarding the political line of the Republican Party and the improvement of the presidential seat as the most powerful executive body in the country. To say more, in the foreign policy, Taft provided the policy of “Dollar Diplomacy” increasing the development of underdeveloped countries in Latin America and Asia by favoring “increased American investment in the world as the major method for increasing American influence and stability abroad” (Armstrong 379). Hence, it made Taft a progressive initiator of the American dominance in the world. Woodrow Wilson Woodrow ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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