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Full name Professor Subject Date The Control Room The Control Room can be said to have been rightly entitled as it has presented how it could be able to gather and control information to be brought out. The aim of the film to show how things are sifted in the media showed different views from the military, laypeople and media men themselves and has in a way clarified matters which will always be to the audiences’ agreement or disagreement whatever their stand may be…
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Control room
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Download file to see previous pages As they say, there are always two sides of the story, so it is important for me to listen not just to one opinion and make my own opinion based on that of one group’s point of view. I have always believed that the things I see on television are presented as they are but watching the film, I have come to realize that indeed, we are all humans after all so that even professionals bend their ethical views to favor there personal views. The media is expected to be objective at all times as they are supposed to present facts to the people and how they perceive the circumstances they are reporting about but as Joanne Tucker, the manager of said, objectivity is almost a mirage. One cannot really get away from taking sides especially in a case like the war in Iraq because it is a global issue that affects lives, not to mention the lives of civilians and most especially, the lives of innocent children. The video has shown that everyone has his or her own propaganda in such chaos. While we would all want peace and order, wars break out because of personal agendas of wanting to be the hero, wanting to be at the top and having all the power and fame. Presidents aim for peace and unity with another aim of being a part of a great cause which could be understandable because they are humans. The media have the same objectives as well, wanting to unite the people with the facts they present yet to some extent fail in their cause, and we understand that again because they are humans. What could probably most unacceptable is the fact that the ordinary person on the street, the innocent ones, the helpless mothers and children in their homes are the real victims, the pawns in this game called war. The video may have caused me to think more critically of the news I watch from now on but it will never change my perceptions on who are the true winners and losers in the issues of war. People fight their fellow people. Regardless of cultural backgrounds, we are all still human beings and have to act as one and not like animals killing each other. In wars, there can never be winners but that we are all losers. Millions of dollars are spent for wars and millions of people die in the course and there will always be rage in our hearts even if we continue to try to live in peace. If our money and strength would have been directed to the higher cause of fighting the war against poverty, then we would all be winners, making others live rather than killed. Whatever the truth is behind all the explanations of all the groups of people interviewed, the fact that wars are a losing end, will always remain true to me. Behind the politicians’ agenda to gain power, honor and fame, they are not winners. Behind the media people’s agenda of prospering their network and being recognized to be the best, gaining as much trophies as they can to parade in their offices, there is no honor found in it because behind all these, the victims are us. Who will speak for the child who spoke for the good of his people, endangering his life by being used as a pawn only to get to the conscience of those concerned? Would you not call that as a losing end as I view it? The video is a presentation of the sides of the people or groups of people i ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Control Room

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...Your full December 3, Summary- Control Room Directed by Egyptian-American filmmaker Jehane Noujaim and released in 2004 at the Sundance Film Festival, “Control Room” is a documentary film that talks about relations between the Iraqi news channel, Al-Jazeera, and U.S. news organizations, like U.S. CENTCOM (Central Command). Covering the war that U.S. started in Iraq, this film shows the headquarters of Al-Jazeera, the greatest media channel in the Arab. The film shows various staff members of al Jazeera channel, such as Samir Khader, the general manager running al Jazeera, and Hassan Ibrahim, a reporter for al Jazeera. Jehane Noujaim has interviewed a number of journalists...
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