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The Gambia Visit - Essay Example

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A ground had been set for a positive and peaceful image of the country. “After 1871, political and cultural leaders recognized the instrumental and local music in cultural diplomacy” (Jessica C.E. Gienow-Hecht, 2009: page 36). …
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The Gambia Visit
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Download file to see previous pages He pointed out that the 1970 constitution divided the government into independent legislative. The constitution finds a safe bode in 1996, including a strong presidential government and protection of human rights. Regarding future political prospects, he was very optimistic.
We got more than expected during this visit.
Monday 2nd May:
A lecture delivered by Dr. Emmanuel focused on Gambian law enhancement. He touched upon the sensitive issue of transatlantic diplomacy injuring the interests at home. Quoting a renowned work in this area, “states have traditionally from time to time reviewed the operation and effectiveness of their foreign ministries and diplomatic services. More often than not such inquiries have been occasioned by wide economic moves in the public sector or institutional rivalry.”
His speech included issues harboring international peace and their implication, and foreign forces which are major players in devising the state’s internal policies. Recalling a piece of verbose from Dr. Emmanuel, “there is more to it than meets the eye”, brings to the forefront many of the devils at work. Nevertheless, the British ambassador in Tehran, Sir Anthony Parsons, does not support this. “The Embassy”, he notes “was primarily organized as an agency for the promotion of British exports and for the general commercial, financial and economic interests of the Britain”....
“The last incumbent also from Africa challenged the might of the empire, but Kofi Annan is known for his reconciliatory approach, than confrontatist posture. Like any other African congregation this one also brought out different diplomats in their colourful traditional attires. The accompanying music made every foot tap” (Gupta, 2005: page 123); A ground had been set for a positive and peaceful image of the country. “After 1871, political and cultural leaders recognized the instrumental and local music in cultural diplomacy” (Jessica C.E. Gienow-Hecht, 2009: page 36). This shows the impact art and craft has had on the nation’s subconscious mind of the diplomatic visage. This experience gave me some paradigms that had for quite some time remained at the back of my mind. Wednesday 4th May: The African Centre for Democracy and Human Right Studies was officially opened in 2001. During the visit, we were exposed to the eventful history gone through by the center. For the African Charter on Human and people’s rights to be effective, it was to be elaborated and comprehended by all Africa. This vision brought forth the formation of this center which was established to promote and insure respect of freedom, and to oversee that these freedoms do not go astray. “In order to find practicable solutions to institutional and existential problems caused by accelerating globalization diplomacy needs inter-disciplinary guidance by social sciences” (Bolewski, 2007: page 6). Adding to the already elaborated verbose in context of the need for social sciences to grow and take control of the growing diplomacy in trans-Atlantic relations, “Given that the issues cannot be ducked altogether, international human rights bodies have been reduced to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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