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Comparing 09/11 to the Triangle Shirtwaiste Fire of 1911 - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper "Comparing 09/11 to the Triangle Shirtwaiste Fire of 1911" is to describe two the most terrific catastrophes caused by terrorism. Therefore, the paper discusses the two events, in a light of such factors as Performance, Scope of Tragedy, Reaction of the Nation…
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Comparing 09/11 to the Triangle Shirtwaiste Fire of 1911
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Download file to see previous pages The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks targeted the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York which resulted in a total of 2,752 victims. Many of the victims were trapped inside floors as the elevators failed to function due to the extreme heat generated by the burning jet fuel. In addition, many people escaped to the upper floors but eventually jumped to their deaths in the similar fashion as those women who jumped from the Asch Building nine decades earlier. The number of deaths could have been prevented from rising if adequate safety measures had been put in place by the authorities, again similar to what happened during the 1911 fire. Performance – the firefighters' actions immediately during and after both fires leaves a lot to be desired although nobody can fault them if this was so. In the Triangle Shirtwaist site, there was not much they can do as they lacked the necessary equipment (such as ladders) even if the fire just lasted a mere 15 minutes. In the Twin Towers case, firefighters were similarly in the same situation as the two buildings were skycrapers and beyond their reach also. The lack of proper coordination such as setting up a command and incident system center contributed a lot to the confusion in both cases and may have contributed to many unnecessary deaths. Scope of Tragedy – both fires claimed a disproportionate number of foreign workers. In the shirtwaist factory fire, most of the fatalities were young women who were either of Italian or Jewish descent. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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