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Film Analysis with Historical Themes - Research Proposal Example

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Complete Film Analysis of ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ (with Historical Themes) Beyond a mere narrative of tradition and lives gone wild, ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ explores the essence of perceiving Mexico and the historical reality of conflicts with respect to social class, politics, and economy which in figurative ways reflect the attitude of each main character toward life…
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Film Analysis with Historical Themes
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Download file to see previous pages This portion also facilitates a viewer’s understanding of class divisions which are apparently based on racial differences such as the attributes that distinguish Tenoch, son of a Harvard Economist and Secretary of State, from Julio, son of a single mother whose average line of work does not stand a chance at promotion despite tenure in a firm as a secretary. By adding relevant information regarding the participation of his sister in the leftist movement, the story further clarifies that Julio belongs to the ordinary working class whereas Tenoch opulently indulges being in the ruling class as a ‘criollo’. More evidently, the racial context featured in the film may be traced back to ancestral European and Indian colonists which correspondingly manifest in the white color of Tenoch and the dark complexion of Julio. Though this situation reflects struggle with racial discrimination, the special inseparable bond between Tenoch and Julio who appear to treat each other with brotherly fondness symbolizes union between European and Indian races which altogether form Mexico as a nation. ...
remarkably strong civilizations, the Aztec, and Tenoch, having derived his name from ‘Tenochlitian’ of the Aztecs, bears its vivacious character prior to colonization by the west. The length of the road trip taken by the boys is meant to present encounters that would signify how the majority of the population and environment have barely coped on moving forward from extreme poverty especially in rural areas. An adequate number of shots on momentous journeys have been taken at a view from the inside of the moving vehicle for the purpose of boldly illustrating the life of the indigenous Indians whose preference to remain in an ethnic way of living has by far separated them from the country’s behavior in combating the Third World status. One of the movie’s implications is that by start of the new millennium, the landed aristocracy that was for long Mexico's ruling class had been replaced by a plutocracy whose wealth derives from manufacturing, commerce, and finance--but rapid growth of the urban lower classes reveals the failure of the Mexican Revolution and subsequent agrarian reform to produce a middle-class majority (Nutini & Isaac, 2009). An event in which Tenoch and Julio witnessed a man by the name of Marcelino Escutia who is dead on the spot after being hit by a speeding bus. The point is, as a migrant brick worker coming from the countryside, he represents the marginal class which, due to unbearable poverty, have crossed certain borders and gone extra miles in order to attain a better standard of living or survive at the least. In a matrimonial ceremony, Tenoch and Julio meet Luisa Cortes, a Spanish woman from Madrid in approximately her 30s and wife of Jano, cousin of Tenoch, whose infidelity to Luisa would draw the latter to find solace in the company and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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