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Haskell Indian Nations University - Research Paper Example

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Your Name Name of Instructor Haskell Indian Nations University Background Information Haskell Indian Nations University was founded in 1884 as the United States Indian Industrial Training School like an Indian school, boarding, for 15 students undertaking agricultural courses, from grade one to five…
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Haskell Indian Nations University
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Download file to see previous pages Students wore uniforms and marched to classes as they were under the semi-military system. Facilities included a jail, for students who were unruly, and a brig (Anonymous 07). In 1894, 606 students were admitted into the university, from 36 States. The college started offering college classes and normal school in 1927and the last high school class graduated in 1965 anonymous, (11) asserts. In 1970, it was accredited to be Haskell Indian Junior College and by 1993, Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education was added and it was later changed to Haskell Indian Nations University. . The university offers majors in Indian American studies, business administration, environmental science, and elementary education. Fee per semester is $215, between 2007 and 2008. The institution hosts about 1,000 students, representing 150 tribes and the 50 states of United States of America of tribes of Indian American together with Alaskan Native Villages (Anonymous 4). The university has twelve campus buildings which form national historic landmarks in United States (National Park Service 342). Based on a graduation rate of 9% reported tot the Education Department, the university was ranked number 9 on the list of top fifty dropout factory in 2010 in the university’s College Guide, from Washington Monthly (Dropout Factories 44)". The mission statement of the institution is meeting the highest cultural needs and educational levels their nation, surrounding Indian nations and all those who want to engage in a learning life. Their vision is to serve all people through innovative and higher opportunities of education. The philosophy statement is celebration of all Indian cultures together with empowering individuals who goes to the institution to seek knowledge. Research Areas The university is highly funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) together with United States. In its service demonstration to indigenous students and local communities, GIS technology courses are now being offered in the institution and this offers a great work experience and educational opportunities to Alaskan and American Indian natives at Haskell, besides supporting the local tribes by providing their skills to solve their needs, as students take back important knowledge to their respective villages and tribes (Native Americans Association 76). The institution primarily serves Alaskan natives and American Indian tribes, and its development is shaped by the Indian affairs bureau. The institution also continues to be funded by the American government. The greatest challenge that the institution faces is ethnicity. Students from other colleges see it as an inferior institution, since the whites believe they are the superior race. Other challenges include historical trauma, chronic underdevelopment and poverty. However, students from this institution have become great scientists and entrepreneurs and are employed in the private and public sectors. Native Nation Information The university is located in Lawrence, Kansas, and it grants baccalaureate to members who are well recognized in United States as Native American tribes (Native Americans Association 59). The communities that are primarily served by the university are American Indian and Alaskan native tribes. However, other local tribes also benefit from the university as students from this institution helps them solve environmental and economic problems that they face in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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