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What Were the Causes of the Second World War - Essay Example

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The past century has seen events that still haunt the world today and one of those events is the Second World War. In this essay "What were the causes of the Second World War?" the author will make an attempt to highlight the causes of this war…
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What Were the Causes of the Second World War
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Extract of sample "What Were the Causes of the Second World War"

Download file to see previous pages The main causes of the Second World War are expansionism, problems with treaty of Versailles, competition for resources, issues with League of Nations etc. The great depression is also one of the major causes of Second World War. The tipping point of the war was invasion of Soviet Union by the Germans and the attack on Pearl Harbor. All these causes will be discussed in great detail below.Expansionism The desire for territorial expansion was ubiquitous in the 20th century. Countries wanted to display their power of military through invasions. It is also noteworthy here that Germany did not have any colonies like France and Britain. These two powers had colonies all over the world and Germany wanted the same power. This desire of expansion can be regarded as the major cause of Second World War. The ambitions of Italy and Germany were to hold territories like other European powers. It was thought that it was the only way to survive in the long run. Japan also was motivated by similar desires of expansionism (Sir. Kershaw, I. 2011). Japan wanted to extend its influence in the pacific and that is why Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor. It was done as a display of its superior air force. The doctrine of expansionism therefore contributed greatly to the Second World War.Treaty of Versailles can safely be regarded as one of the main causes of the Second World War. The treaty was signed not to discourage future wars but to punish perpetuators of the First World War. The problem with the treaty was that it instilled hatred in the hearts of German people. This hatred played a pivotal role in the Second World War. The main aim of the treaty should have been to prevent future wars and to establish long lasting peace instead it put financial burdens on Germany so much so that the ordinary people started to feel a sense of injustice. Germany was forced, in the Treaty of Versailles to pay damages of war to Britain and France. The damages were great so Germany started borrowing money and printing Marks (German currency) in order to pay off the damages. This caused the life of normal people to be disturbed by hyperinflation. These were the people who had nothing to do with the war but were paying the cost of it. The problems faced by common people of Germany as a result of the Treaty of Versailles greatly kindled the German populace to unite against their enemies namely the French and the Britain. Another consequence of the Treaty of Versailles was that it divided German ethnic groups in different regions and this is regarded as the greatest weakness of the Treaty of Versailles (Ross, S. 2003). The aim of the treaty was to divide the German nation in order to prevent any future war adventures. France wanted Germany demilitarized so that it can retain its previous status of the biggest military power in Europe. By dividing and demilitarization Germany it was thought that future wars would be made impossible. Unfortunately this never happened instead German people united themselves under Nazi Party and Hitler, and waged another war to avenge all injustices of the Treaty of Versailles. Competition for Resources and Markets One of the less discussed causes of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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