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The Step Pyramid of King Zjoser - Essay Example

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In this essay, the attempt has been done to take a kaleidoscopic review of the land of Egypt. Egypt is the land of one of the greatest and ancient civilizations of the world. It is the land of pyramids, land of mummies. It is one of the richest and advanced civilizations of the ancient world…
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The Step Pyramid of King Zjoser
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Download file to see previous pages From this essay "The Step Pyramid of King Zjoser" it is clear, that Egypt is bordered by the Red Sea and Israel on the east side. (1) The country is divided into two extreme arid regions, The North-West flowing Nile River. The Nile starts 110 miles (162 km.) south of the Mediterranean and fans out to a sea front of 155 miles between the cities of Alexandria and Port Said. The ancient Egypt was divided into two major parts, first was “black land,” and another was “red land.”The black land was situated on the bank of the river Nile and it was very fertile land. The land was used for growing crops. This was the only land in Egypt which was formed due to a layer of rich, black silt, deposited there every year after the flood of the Nile. The Red Land was a barren desert that protected Egypt from its neighboring countries and invading armies. This region provided precious metals and semi-precious stones to Egyptians. The major responsible factor for flourishing the ancient Egyptian civilization is the river Nile. It is the gift given by God to the Egyptian people. It is hardly possible to think Egyptian civilization without the river Nile. (2) The river Nile is the longest river in the world which is over 4000 miles long. The shape of Nile is like that of a lotus flower and it is always depicted in ancient Egyptian art. The river Nile has been playing a very crucial role in developing the Egyptian civilization. The Nile River plays very important role in giving food, water to the people. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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