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This paper “The United States Response to 9/11” will further explain the impact the 9/11 had and the multidimensional response of the United States to the 9/11 attacks. Apart from the psychological impact, the 9/11 had a destructive impact on the U. S economy…
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The United States Response to 9/11
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Download file to see previous pages Extensive reports have been published regarding the truth behind the bombing of The Twin Towers on September, 11th, 2001.There is as much criticism regarding the security lapse on part of the American Government as there is evidence regarding Al-Qaeda mastering the entire plot. Had former British Prime Minister, Mr. Winston Churchill lived long enough to witness the 9/11 fiasco, he would have seen another dimension to his statement which said, “I must place on record my regret that Human race ever learned to fly.” This paper will further explain the impact the 9/11 had and the multidimensional response of the United States to the 9/11 attacks. Some Facts Regarding 9/ 11: In very simple but meaningful terms, what happened on September, 11th, 2011 was an act of terrorism, done primarily to instill in the masses a feeling of horror regarding their security and of those around them. What actually happened that caused these feelings to arise was a series of planned terrorist attacks, all of which had aircraft hijacking in common. Two American Airlines Aircrafts crashed into the Twin Towers in New York; one hit the Pentagon and one crashed in Pennsylvania. The latest figures of the reported casualties is between 4620 and 5756, one of the highest figures of total casualties in American history. The Aftermath: It has almost been a decade since the horrific attacks took place, yet the traumatic memories which they have left with the citizens of America have not been forgotten and will not be for the many years to come. Apart from the psychological impact, the 9/11 had a destructive impact on the U. S economy; the stock market trading declined sharply, New York’s economy faced a direct impact, both in the private and public sectors, the Foreign Direct Investment in the United States declined sharply, budgetary constraints followed since now the United States had to play a pivotal role in fighting the war on terror, the United States Military Expenditure was approximately increased by 5% from the figures of 1999 (Jackson , 8-19). The Response: The most salient responses of the United States to the 9/11 were undoubtedly fighting the War on Terror and strengthening the air defense. The most immediate response was the creation of a $40 billion emergency fund, of which $10 billion were immediately made available for emergency rescue and rebuilding (House of Commons Library Committee; International Affairs and Defence Section , 16). A Joint Congressional Resolution was passed which supported the use of force against terrorist groups. An executive order, freezing the terrorist assets in the United States was passed on the 24th of September. The Executive Order was precisely passed to block all operations of the terrorists in the United States, along with those of their supporters and sponsors. To ease the process of freezing transactions with terrorist groups, a multi-agency Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking Center (FTAT) was established to track the terrorist networks and their transactions. The Executive Order was a smart and powerful move on part of the United States. The Executive Order identified a list of terrorist organizations and terrorist leaders, so any country which transacted with these identified organizations or people would not be allowed to transact with the United States. Moreover, the United States applied sanctions to such countries which prohibited them from receiving US Economic and military Assistance (Perl , 8-9). The Counter-Terrorism Committee created by the Unite Nations under Resolution 1373, acts as another surveillance check on the countries in the Pacific Region and their compliance with the Anti-Terrorism Legislation (Pearson and Busst , 21). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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