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The Fugitive - Movie Review Example

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15 Apr. 2011. The Fugitive Review: The Fugitive is a nice action movie that covers 2 hrs 7 min. Andrew Davis has directed the movie and the stars include Harrison Ford who plays the character of Dr…
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The Fugitive
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Download file to see previous pages As a suspect, police arrests Kimble and accuses him of having committed the murder of his own wife. Without having a sound reason for suspecting or arresting Kimble, the police convict him and the court sentences Kimble to death. The police carries him to the prison where he would wait till he is executed. In the bus in which Kimble is taken to the prison, there happen to be three prisoners in addition to Kimble. They mutually prepare a plan of escaping from the bus. This causes the bus driver to lose control of the bus and the bus slips off the embankment and gets crashed on the way to the jail. This provides Kimble with a chance to escape. Kimble manages to break free of the hold of police and runs away. Deputy Samuel Gerard who is also in Chicago assumes the responsibility of finding and arresting Kimble ninety minutes after Kimble’s escape. During this time, instead of relying on the capability of police, Kimble commences an investigation on his own and tries to find out the murderer of Helen. In this course, Kimble is also keen to involve Deputy Samuel Gerard and other members in his team. The police do not accede to his proposal and the Deputy constantly follows Kimble. This leaves Kimble with no choice but to keep away from all of his relatives and fellows. Kimble leaves no stone unturned in his efforts of catching the murderer. Meanwhile, the Deputy also starts to believe that the case is indeed more complicated and vague than he had originally anticipated. His ingenuity and uninterrupted determination gain fruition and Kimble reaches the conclusion that there is no one in this world that he can trust. The murderer ultimately discovered turns out to be a one-armed man. The concept has been derived from a television series that was telecast in 1960s. In that series, the title role was played by late David Jansen. However, the story has been too modified to leave any touch of the original source of idea. In that series, the adventure was narrated week after week of Jansen’s escape, and there was much more to attract the audience than simply the murderer’s chase unlike this two hour film, in which chasing the real criminal is the focus of the plot. The Fugitive is an exceptional movie based on murder investigation. Among all scenes in the movie, the ones that were shot before the commencement of the chase are the most dramatic and purposefully included. Everything that is related to the assassination is clearly conveyed to the audience in a prologue of no more than fifteen minutes. The scenes are quite well-edited. The doctor has to cope with two miseries simultaneously. He is convicted for the murder of his beloved wife. In such tough circumstances, he makes rational decisions which lead him to success in the long run. The opening scenes are followed by a non-stop thrill made by the Deputy and his men for about thirty minutes. These scenes are full of energy and the audience keeps on the seats’ edges. The speed of action considerably fades away in the second hour of the movie as Kimble starts finding the one armed man. However, giving this portion of the story more time does make sense as most of the problems of the movie are engrossed in this part. The performance of Harrison Ford in this movie is much more emotional than it was in Patriot Games. The performance that is indeed, most worthy of discussion and appreciation is that of Tommy Lee Jones. He had been struggling for a couple of years until 1993, when his superb performance in this movie became a potential ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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