Change in the demographics of Central America from 1450 to 1914 - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that globalization brought major changes in the human population of Central America from 1450 to 1914. Civilizations or nations undergo changes as they grow and mature, which are capable of introducing new horizons of innovation and creativity…
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Change in the demographics of Central America from 1450 to 1914
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Extract of sample "Change in the demographics of Central America from 1450 to 1914"

Change in the demographics of Central America from 1450 to 1914:
What with the continued doom of diseases, rapid urbanization, and massive industrialization, this goes without saying that the region of Central America would be incredibly unrecognizable for someone who lived there over 600 years ago. It is an unequivocal fact that industrialization has drastically changed the world and profoundly impacted the human societies in a way that would definitely be astounding for someone who inhabited the present massively industrialized areas 6 or 7 hundred years back. Central America is also such a region that has experienced a lot many changes in the human population over time owing to the threat of different diseases particularly, urbanization, and industrial revolution.
Globalization brought major changes in the human population of Central America from 1450 to 1914. Civilizations or nations undergo changes as they grow and mature, which are capable of introducing new horizons of innovation and creativity. Historical evidence suggests that most of the people occupying the region of Central America in 1450 did hunting for existence. They were also not much acquainted with norms or ethical values, that are given major importance presently. Native population in 1450 was roughly in millions and by 1750, the figures of population decreased significantly. This marked decrease in the native population can be majorly linked to the spread of myriad diseases like malaria, chicken pox, and tuberculosis for which no medical remedies were present then, because advances in microbiology occurred much later. “The introduction of infectious diseases like smallpox, to which Native Americans had no immunity, reduced their population by 90 percent from 1500 to 1700.” (Lockard). Its not that the native population extinguished completely, rather the native American were present after 1750, but their numbers dwindled continually. During this period, Indians and Africans continued to be brought in Central America as slaves by the Europeans who began colonizing and settling in this region. These people also brought diseases that were anonymous back then, and continued to threat the human population. Native Americans even existed in 1914, but they were severely discriminated against a social system that heavily favored the white Americans. Nevertheless, tremendous cultural, commercial, and biological changes increased the human population in Central America in 1914 and after that.
Work cited:
Lockard, Craig A. Societies, Networks, and Transitions, Volume 3. USA: Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.
Roles of Muslim and Hindu women in society:
Islam grants a very prestigious position to the women in the society. It is an undisputable fact that every Muslim man is obligated to highly respect the women. Women make up more than half of the society and Islam expects much from every Muslim woman both religiously and socially. From the responsibility of nurturing and guidance of the kids to inculcating message of peace and faith in the souls of generations, a Muslim woman has to carry her social role extremely carefully. It is true that Muslim women are not granted full rights in many parts of the world even today, still it does not mean that such an unjustified approach has any link with the Islamic teachings. According to Islam, a Muslim woman should be fully acknowledged about her social responsibilities and she should also perform each of those duties with the fear of God glowing in her heart. Islam instructs women to live in the society and carry out their roles with their heads held high and strong conviction and determination bright in their eyes. The most important responsibility of a Muslim woman is the appropriate grooming of her children since they have to carry the heavy burden of the society later in their lives.
In contrast to Islam, the role of women in Hinduism is often disputed. This is because their status ranges from painfully restrictive to much liberal. Hinduism is based on numerous transcripts with some of the transcripts considering women to be as worthy of importance in the society as men and some transcripts advocating a severe restriction of the women’s rights. Nevertheless, the status of mothers in Hinduism is highly prestigious and respectable. A mother has to carry her responsibilities regarding the grooming and guidance of her children with marked care and sensitivity. A Hindu mother is instructed by the religion to be highly attentive to the needs of her husband and children, so that she may be respected and regarded by them later in life. In ancient times, no significant roles were played by Hindu women and they used to burn themselves following their husbands’ deaths. Now, Hindu widows can take advantage of myriad employment opportunities. On the social and economic front, Hindu women are performing great domestic and professional roles presently. Read More
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