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It is fundamental to realize that the Aztec Empire reached the height of its supremacy by 1519, the eve of the Spanish conquest and it developed an effective means of organizational governance…
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Aztec Empire
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"Aztec Empire"

“Finally the Aztecs became a great power by taking over the three cities that surrounded their island city. They did so by helping one city in her war against another city and then suddenly changing allies in the middle of the war.” (Stanton and Hyma, 327) Therefore, the rise of the Aztec empire to power was mainly due to the decline of several city-states which came up after the fall of the Maya and it acquired supremacy over the city-states by receiving yearly tribute, etc. however, the growth of the Aztec empire as a great power was marked by the Triple alliance between the city-states of Tenochtitlan, Texcoco and Tlacopan. This alliance was part of a strategy to defeat the Tepanec state of Azcapotzalco, but proved to be significant episode in the rise of the Aztec empire as a glorious power. As the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan became more powerful, the other cities became subject to the Aztec rule and the supremacy of the empire was widely recognized. “By the 1500s Aztec territory stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Coasts and southward to the border of present-day Guatemala. There were 38 provinces that sent yearly tribute to the Aztec capital.” (Stanton and Hyma, 327) Significantly, the Aztec Empire was greatly organized and strong at the height of its power, although the element of fear was part and parcel of the rule of the Aztecs. It is fundamental to realize that the Aztec Empire reached the height of its supremacy by 1519, the eve of the Spanish conquest and it developed an effective means of organizational governance. It was through their effective system of administration that the Aztecs ruled over hundreds of cities, thousands of towns and...
The role of the Emperor Montezuma, or ‘Motecuhzoma’, is significant in an analysis of the governance of the empire and his authoritarian rule was, in part, responsible for the fall of the empire. Emperor Montezuma became the ruler of the Aztec empire in 1502, at the prime of the empire. “From the beginning of his reign, he continued the Aztec (Mexica) expansion of an already vast theocratic empire via conquest of neighboring Mesoamerican cities and tribes and added new levels of authoritarianism to Aztec governance. The nature of Montezuma’s rule helps explain who the Spanish were able to muster so many anti- Aztec allies. A profound analysis of the fall of the Aztec Empire confirms that several factors contributed to the weakening and the fall of the empire, and the most obvious, immediate factors include the ritual Aztec sacrifice, religion, disease, and the tactics of the Spanish army. It is fundamental to recognize that religion and the ritual Aztec sacrifice played a huge part in the fall of the Aztec empire, along with disease, and the tactics of the Spanish army. The fact that the Aztec Empire was deeply undermined by many conflicts of religious and political nature is central to an understanding of the Spanish conquest was so easy. “When word of an impressive agricultural civilization in central Mexico reached Spanish settlers in the Caribbean, Hernan Cortes organized his unauthorized expedition to explore the area. From April 1519 to August 1521, Cortes and his supporters were able to march from Veracruz to Tenochtitlan, capture Montezuma II, and bring down the Aztec Empire.” Therefore, it is observable that various essential factors were responsible for the rapid and easy fall of the Aztec Empire. Read More
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