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From Colonialism to the New Humanity - Essay Example

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The paper will relate the relevance of eradicating the notions of the colonized and the colonizer in order to create the concept of a new humanity in a post-colonial society. In a colonized nation, there will inevitably be a creation of varying social stratifications…
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From Colonialism to the New Humanity
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Extract of sample "From Colonialism to the New Humanity"

Download file to see previous pages As the study declares that the colonization precipitated the awakening of national consciousness of the colonized. One could state equally that it moderated the tempo of this awareness by keeping the colonized apart from the true conditions of contemporary citizenship. It is this quotation from the Albert Memmi’s work that he explains the formation of nationalism within the hearts of the colonized. Hence, the author implies that there is, indeed, a distinction in the existence between the colonizer and the colonized in a colonial context. He specifically reiterates that the colonized lives in a condition which is absolute – a condition dictated by the colonized. With such, the colonized will inevitably seek for a compromise in order to break the absolute condition imposed by their colonial masters. A rough sketch is then created out of the author’s narrative of how the colonial mentality dwells within the minds of those subjugated. It can be said that colonialism can bring about the deed for revolt, hence toppling the colonized society and its masters. He makes clear that it is through violence, pushed by the abstract force of nationalism, that change can be attained. It is clear that Memmi explains how the road to a post-colonial society functions – that the prerequisite of nationalism and revolution will overthrow the existing system to create a new society. The pretext of a colonial society is further expounded by Aime Cesaire. He explains that the initial purpose of colonization – which is to have contact with other civilizations – is not what it seemed to be. The author suggests that colonization bears no human contact; it only creates a relationship of domination and subjugation. In this case, the dominating force will be the colonizer and the subjugated force will be the colonized. To add to this, the author creates a sense of anachronism within the European’s notion of colonialism. He says that Europe is a hypocrite with its idea of bringing change to a savage society. He explains that the colonial masters were incapable of creating distinctions between the notion of reason and conscience.
This study outlines that Europe utilizes its power to deceive and to create an inevitable hatred amongst other peoples and races. Both Memmi and Cesaire clearly create a definitive stand about colonization and the repercussions they bring unto a particular society. Both authors present that the stratifications of the colonizer and the colonized create conflict with one another. They narrate that subjugation is the primary notion that pushes the oppressed into a collective action which can change the existing system. Also, the concept of nationalism is presented as a tool of creating the sense of heroism within every subjugated individual. Nationalism and collective action will inevitably lead to violence which is directed to a purpose of social change. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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