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A. Justify your choice of the two most significant environmental/geographic factors that contributed to the development or expansion of the United States.  First of all the USA had a beneficial geographical location, since the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans separated the country from powerful centers in Europe and Asia…
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Download file to see previous pages... B. Justify your choice of the one most significant environmental/geographic factor that contributed to the development or diffusion of one human society from the following list:  Prosperity of the Mesopotamian society was predetermined by the fertile soil and developed system of irrigation that in turn allowed keeping the large number of cattle. These were the crucial factors for the prosperity of the civilization, as well as the presence of the favorable climate. Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations differed in many ways, yet both of them were dependent on the river systems. However, Egyptians mainly populated the Nile River valley, while Mesopotamians settled all across the Middle East. C. Justify your choice of the two most significant social and/or political changes that occurred as a result of the actions of one individual from the following list of world leaders:  Nelson Mandela represents an example of a bright leader who inspired millions of people around the world. First of all Mandela won the first multi-racial elections in South Africa thus creating a significant change in perception and building of a color blind society in Africa and around the world. Prior to becoming a president Mandela was known for his anti-apartheid violent actions, his actions attracted attention to the existing problem. D. Justify your choice of the two most significant social and/or political changes that occurred as a result of the actions of one individual from the following list of United States leaders:  I suppose that Martin Luther King became an iconic figure, whose courage inspired countless people. First of all Martin Luther King advocated for civil rights by means of the peaceful methods and never encouraged using violence for achieving the goals. His speech I Have a Dream encouraged creation of a color blind society and society based on equality. He actively addressed issues of poverty and contributed to the end of the War in Vietnam. E. Discuss the rise of imperialism or colonialism in one area of the world from the following list:  Western countries were interested in expanding their influence beyond the borders of Europe. South East Asia became one of the victims of this imperialism. In the 19th century China was particularly vulnerable and could not resist the imperialism from Japan, Russia and different Western countries. Most importantly Chinese markets opened for trade – Britain was precisely interested in this measure. Two Opium Wars, countless disputes and conflicts led to a total subjugation of China. Since Japan was an Asian country that led an aggressive expansionist policy in the region, local population highly resisted its actions. The aggressive Japanese policy predetermined negative perception of the country’s actions in the region for decades. F. Compare the tactics of one violent revolution and one nonviolent revolution from the following list:  I would like to address the two brightest examples of revolutions from the Eastern European countries: Russian Revolution of 1917 and Orange Revolution in Ukraine from late 2004 early 2005. Russian Revolution is clearly the case of a violent change of the regime in the country, followed by the execution of the Tsar’s family and destruction of all previous existing institution and intelligentsia. To the contrary, Orange Revolution in Ukraine, almost a century after the Russian one, represents a nonviolent scenario of a revolution, when people were able to achieve ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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