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Critical review:impacts of legal services act - Essay Example

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The Legal Services Act1 is a legislation of the United Kingdom that looks forward to regulating how the legal services are offered in the United kingdom.This will in the long run bring about effective delivery of services and it will also provide a platform for consumers of legal services to raise their complaints…
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Critical review:impacts of legal services act
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Download file to see previous pages The Legal Services Act1 is a legislation of the United Kingdom that looks forward to regulating how the legal services are offered in the United kingdom. This will in the long run bring about effective delivery of services and it will also provide a platform for consumers of legal services to raise their complaints. The other aim of the Act is to bring about legal reform in the legal profession. It is an Act that will see the legal sector transform2 ,in a number of ways such as the general cost of obscuring a legal service, relationship between the client and the legal service providers, handling of legal cases among others.There has been need for reform in the area of legal services because the available bodies are regulating areas that are different but are in the real sense overlapping. This has led to confusion to the public, especially when the country is experiencing growth in this market continues. In UK you will find that there are many different kinds of legal professionals compared to other jurisdictions that include solicitors and barristers, legal executives ,trademark attorneys and conveyances . Due to this there is likelihood of confusion.The complex nature of the services resulted into the need for an oversight regulator in the name Legal services board. At the moment you find that clients have to make complaints to several bodies about services received which makes it inefficient, time wasting and resource wasting.Due to the above but few reasons there was need to reform the legal profession hence the enactment of the Legal Services Act of 20073.
The impacts of the legal Services Act A keen observation will reveal that even before full implementation of the new legislation, changes have already started taking place. One will realize that presently supermarkets, banks and other organizations have already begun providing online legal services. These combines the expertise of a lawyer following easy access accompanied with competitive pricing that the consumers expect. A revelation shows that some law firms have come together to offer their services behind an online brand so that they can become competitive in the market. This is step towards providing online services can be compared to similar services offered in other industries due to the increase in internet use and market liberalization initiatives. More so consumers of all kinds of goods and services look past base line price to see whether they are getting value for money or not. One will surely realize that small law firms which offer an expert personal service look like are attractive to some consumers though they may cost a little more. It follows therefore that if the Alternative Business Structures are implemented they will give consumers a variety of choices on how to get legal services. More over, when the market is competitive, it tends to improve the quality of services provided because consumers would certainly go for the best in the market regardless of the sector. The Act will force the traditional law firms to promptly change the way they operate so that they can withstand competition from entrants in the legal services market. The U.K.’s Legal Services Act of 2007 contains provisions on the external ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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