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Hunting: the most romantic art form - Research Paper Example

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Hunting: The Most Romantic Art Form Benjamin J. Ashby History of Ideas Dr. Kerry 04/03/2013 Introduction Hunting has been an act that dates back to years beyond memory. It is an activity that is far much deep rooted in culture whose effects can even be felt in the modern societies…
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Hunting: the most romantic art form
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Download file to see previous pages This is primarily because hunting has a unique experience that perfectly blends well with romantic aspects. Romanticism is everything and anything that touches on it has a direct effect on the course of human beings1. The source of modern forms of humanity owes allegiance to romanticism and if hunting has to die, then humanity implies that it too has to die. This simple reason explains why hunting has continued to be part and parcel of human beings. Romantic effect, being the backbone of what many would term as driving force in human beings to do extra ordinary, is enhanced well through hunting. It is a more of a feeling and implication of a thought. Imaginations and focus are central to every undertaking and this makes hunting and romance a perfect match. For example you cannot isolate the two people who are in a romantic mood. The feeling that is yielded from hunting and the strength of the satisfaction that befalls thereafter is something which is highly regarded by the lovers of this piece of art2. It has more than what just meets the eye and this paper gets into looking why hunting is the most romantic art form. What is hunting? It is important to start by reading from the same script. Hunting has a number of definitions that refer to different things at different settings. Other definitions that refer to something else will be assumed as this paper will concentrate on hunting that relates to romanticism. As had been mentioned earlier in the introductory part, hunting is a form of expressing romanticism. In this endeavor, it involves going out in the jungle to do hunting not primarily with an intension of killing wild animals for no good reasons but rather doing it so that in addition to the normal reason for hunting, aspects of romanticism are incorporated. It takes the shape of a fun making activity without forgetting the right and sanctity of life for all living things. People can decide to go hunting in the jungle to experience the excitement that comes with the activity and not necessarily to kill the animals. In case the animals are killed, it is then used well maybe as food or for another beneficial purpose. The aim is that nothing is wasted at all cost as this would ruin the romanticism part of the activity3. Romanticism is a feeling of satisfaction of everything that those involved and any kind of guilt is not allowed. The guilt is fully eradicated when nothing goes to a waste including the killing activity. Besides this kind of hunting, there is also another form of hunting that complements well this topic of discussion in the perfect way. This particular one can be done for all those people who you truly adore. This includes the family, friends, workmates, schoolmates etc. But since the topic under consideration here is more of the romantic art from, only the relationship in societies will be given weight and shelve the rest. Romantic hunting under this category basically involves one partner hiding something and letting the other partner look for it. The complexity or the simplicity of the whole activity is defined by the parties involved in the hunting process. But one special characteristic about this particular form is the clues which are given at each stage of the hunt4. There is guidance of your next destination and the hunt can be even made more fun if allowed to metamorphosis at each stage. This is such an experience which the stakeholders involved live to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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