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Some have called the Cold War thethird world war. Would you agree and why - Research Paper Example

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[Author’s name] [Institution’s name [Course name] [Date] Cold War and the Third World War The Second Great War ended after sowing the seeds of another conflict that came to be known as the ‘Cold War’. The conflict created a wide schism between the communist and capitalist nations of the world; the major contenders in this conflict turned out to be the super powers: the United States and USSR…
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Some have called the Cold War thethird world war. Would you agree and why
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"Some have called the Cold War thethird world war. Would you agree and why"

Download file to see previous pages Any mutual understanding between the two super powers was highly unlikely this was vastly because of the great difference between the political ideologies of each of these nations and some of the previous events that led to great feelings of distrust. The hostility between the two countries was triggered during the First World War and then after the Second World War, it became even more pronounced. In the Potsdam conference, Truman’s depiction of the Soviets in his memoirs and Stalin’s attitude put down any hopes of good relations. The relations between the Soviets and American had become so turbulent that many historians began calling the Cold War as the ‘Third World War’. Although, it is indeed true that the fluctuating relations led to discord on an international front, but dubbing it as the Third World War may seem like an exaggeration and may not be an accurate representation of the entire event; therefore this aspect is quite debatable. The conflict between the United States and USSR though never made it to the battlefield but the countries were in fact on the verge of engaging in an open warfare during the entire event. 1 Roosevelt’s agreements and stance on the matter was quite controversial and contradictory that prevented the establishment of an agreement to safeguard peace and mutual cooperation between the two nations. However, during this period the world saw some of the most conspicuous methods of warfare and espionage that further exacerbated the relations and increased the countries suspicions towards each other. The cold war lasted for almost 4 decades, which took place after the complete shift in the political ideology of the Soviet through the dissolution of the USSR. The Cold War Era led to some very intense events that finally determined the fate of the USSR as well. I. Background of the Cold War The relationships between USSR and the United States started off as an uneasy alliance, for Joseph Stalin had a reputation for not honoring agreements and treaties. However, the west needed the influence of the USSR in order to counter the atrocious nature of the Nazis. Following the atomic bombings of the Japanese cities; Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war was brought to a conclusive end, but not without triggering intense feelings of hostility between Russia and United States. After word got around through Einstein’s letter that the Germans were busy developing nuclear power that could be weaponized and capable of inflicting colossal damage on the enemy, the United States began to work tirelessly in order to obtain Nuclear technology thus starting what historians called the ‘Nuclear Arms Race’. 2 Fortunately, United States managed to get their hands on this weapon first after months of an intensive research program that was known as the ‘Manhattan Project’ and a successful testing in the New Mexico desert was an ego boost to the Americas that had just entered the war. The USSR and America had always been competitive towards each other and in some way Truman attitude towards Stalin during the Potsdam Conference is also responsible for destroying any chance of mutual agreement between the two nations; as the United States were quite rigid in their dealings with the soviets during the entire conference. Modern historians often accused Truman of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Some Have Called the Cold War Thethird World War. Would You Agree and Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1404028-some-have-called-the-cold-war-thethird-world-war.
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Afghanistan in the Cold War
Turmoil has been consistent in modern Afghanistan commencing in the 1970s.This was after the invasion of the Soviet Union in Kabul where they installed a sympathetic leader to their policies. Those that opposed this, fellow Muslims to be specific and who were against anticommunism ideas got utmost support from the united states and other Islamic countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
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Cold War
Following the success of the wartime alliance formed temporarily against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the only two superpowers in global affairs were the United States and the Soviet Union. However, these two countries had profound differences in their political and economic ideologies, and this led to the beginning of the Cold War.
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War of the third Coalition
The conflict between different national interests still causes controversy today, and this paper analyses five internet sites on the subject of the War of the Third Coalition, with a view to assessing their historical accuracy and scholarly credentials, and highlighting examples of unscholarly activity.
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History of the Cold War
After the World War II the Soviet Union turned out to be a super power which was becoming a threat for the United States and for this reason many blame the United States to be the main cause of Russian collapse. It was the issue of superiority and balance of power between the nations that led to a war which was known as ‘The Cold War’.
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The American history ( 1900 ) The Cold War
The Cold War is a conflict between The United States and the communist countries led by the Soviet Unions. It was a cold war because they fought thru propaganda, economic war, diplomatic haggling, and occasional military clashes. It was called a cold war because neither the United States nor the Soviet Union wanted to fight openly because they are afraid of each other’s power.
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Cold War
Even though the Second World War ended in 1945, another undeclared cold war started immediately between America and Soviet Union for capturing supremacy in global political and economical matters. The different political ideologies prevailed in these superpowers (America is under democratic administration whereas Soviet Union was under communist administration) strengthened the cold war immensely.
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: How did the cold war tensions between the United States and Soviet Union grow in the aftermath of the Second World War and how did it affect global relations with the third world developing nations
llies of the Second World War and forced them to take more rigid steps to impede this expansionist enthusiasm of the Soviet Leaders.1 But the other group claim that the Western Allies had failed to perceive the Soviets’ paranoid over their security concerns in East Europe and
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The Cold War was inevitable
Revisionists blame President Truman for setting the stage for the Cold War with the bombarding of Hiroshima in August 1945 and his grip of "nuclear
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Cold war
Essentially, the notion of the cold war is enigmatic since the major counties in the center of it never actually took up arms against each other in “hot wars”. American and The USSR were embroiled in an ideological contention; American was democratic and capitalistic, whereas Russia was a communist country, this meant that it was led by a single dictator who exercised control all the economic aspects therein.
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The Cold War And Vietnam
Keeping this in mind, I interviewed three people who belonged to different ethnicities and had various cultural backgrounds. For our understanding and recognition, we will call them Vietnamese, Afro-American and non-Hispanic American of the age between 30 and 35. They all were asked following questions.
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