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Rome civilization - Essay Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Rome civilization Introduction The history of Rome dates back more than 2,800 years ago when the town rose from a small Italian village in the 9th century BC (Lewis and Reinhold 12). Rome was the center of civilization that dominated Mediterranean region…
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Rome civilization
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"Rome civilization"

Download file to see previous pages Rome city has existed over the last 12 centuries. The civilization moved from monarchy to aristocratic republic governments and lastly an autocratic empire. Rome became one of the most powerful entities in the world due to conquests, assimilations that were mainly carried out in Southern Europe, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. Romans in the city believed that the city was founded in 753 BC, but modern historians assert that the city was found from a small village in the year 625 BC. The city was governed by Kings, and several of them had ruled before the modern Rome city. The origin of the city is connected with Alba Longa, the main city of Latium that evolved from Troy in Asian Minor (Liberati and Bourbon 65). The evidence of human occupation of Rome city dates back at least 14,000 years. The ancient legendary ruler, Romulus and his close brother Remus decided to establish the city. After several bitter arguments, Romulus killed Remus and decided to name the city Rome. Rumulus invited several neighboring tribes and abducted young men whom he forced to establish Roman senate. The Ancient Rome society contributed greatly to civilization of the government, law, politics, literature, art and religion (Lewis and Reinhold 20). Rome started as pastoral settlements in the Palatine hills and the Tiber River. Rome was strategically positioned since traders crossed it when travelling to the North and South of the Peninsula. Italian speaking communities such as Sabines, Umbrians and Latinns settled in different positions surrounding the Rome city. Etruscans was the dominant tribe in Rome at around 650 BC. During this time, Pons Sublicius Bridge was constructed to replace Tiber Ford since Etruscans had some great engineers. Within years, Etruscans expanded to the south were they later encountered a deadly conflict with Greeks. In the early days, every male Roman citizen had to be registered and attend a census in Rome. He was required to disclose his wealth including children, riches, wives and slaves. The registration and census was geared at granting the citizen freedom since those who failed to comply were sold as slaves. Census was a symbolic function since it made the Romans people who were capable of collective action. Such society was characterized by high hierarchy in the society in the social ladder (Liberati and Bourbon 85). Roman republic At this time, Rome rebelled and gained self-independence from Etruscans and abandoned the traditional monarchy government system to Republic government that was composed of Senate. Magistrates were elected annually. Etruscans also had introduced the worship of gods such as Juno, and Jupiter (Lewis and Reinhold 45). After 500 BC, Rome was now a republican city and joined in rebellion against Sabines thus establishing control of the countries it had surrendered during the Monarchy. In 387 BC, Rome was burned down by Senones from the Eastern parts of Italy who had successfully conquered the Roman army in Etruria. Later, Rome pushed southwards where the community engaged in the battle of Caudine Forks. Rome was later to be faced with Conflict of Orders that entailed political struggles between the commoners, and aristocrats. The demand of equality by the Commoners (Plebeians) led to the enactment of the Constitution of Roman republic that gave the commoners some real power and limited rights. By the end of the 3rd century BC, Rome was a pre-eminent city of the Italian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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